Email Lists: How To Have A Strong Nurture Sequence (*That Turns Into Money Honey)



A lot of you might juuust be getting into Network Marketing, so email might sound like the more “advanced” side of running a business that people don’t tend to dabble in until they’re a bit further along.

Don’t wait on it. You need an email list due to the changes that have happened in social media! It’s becoming harder to get seen, which means you have to get better and better at it- while email has an insanely high return on investment.

For comparison, when you post on social, only 1-2% of your audience sees it. When you send an email, the average open rate is 20%!

In October 2020, we had 26,000 people on our list, and we made $26,000 in sales just from a couple of emails! I don’t share this to brag, but to give you hope that this can happen and happen very quickly once you have the right steps in place.  

Email isn’t going anywhere, and anyone who tells you otherwise either hasn’t seen their own success there or they’re not in tune with the online marketing world!

Having a nurture/welcome sequence is crucial, so let’s talk about how to have a strong one!

You want to set the tone for how you communicate and what you’re all about. Make sure your headline is catchy enough for someone to open it!

You can set it up once, then it’s on autopilot and everyone who joins your list gets this sequence. I recommend 3-5 emails at first.

Email 1:

Have it sent as soon as someone subscribes to your email list.

Welcome them to the community and share the story of how you got started. I include images, talk about our daughter, my husband, our dog Brew- I connect the emotional and human side of things! I share my story in any ways that might help you, like my ah-ha moments and what finally clicked.

In the PS section - which I always recommend having - I like to have something mentioning what’s coming the next day, and give them some gifts!

Email 2: 

Give them free gifts.

It might be a free download, an audio recording (which can be super simple and easy, recorded straight from your voice memo app on your phone!), walking through a process with someone (like a short training), a video, a social media post with helpful tips, etc!  The purpose is to give them something and create an “ah-ha” moment. This is called “building goodwill,” and it should be your BEST stuff!

Email 3: 

You can give another gift.

Remember, it’s ALL about sparking ah-ha moments so that enough dominoes fall for them to finally pull the trigger in the future. You can also include somewhere else you want them to go, such as a free group or other URL.

None of these emails are selling anything.

They’re just full of storytelling, goodwill, and giving them your best stuff. Some people use 5 emails, but I think 3 is enough! (It depends on how much stuff you have to give away!)

Send each one back-to-back for three days- one on each day, starting immediately after someone subscribes. (I like to send them in the morning because I check my inbox first thing in the morning!)

Something great to try is asking people to reply to your emails! It’s a perfect way to learn the language of your ideal customers, and for the email service provider to see people responding. (You’re less likely to be flagged as spam.)

One thing you’ll need to understand is your domain.

I’m “tech level toaster,” but I’ll explain the best I can! The reason you want an email service provider is because it will automate everything for you. When you’re setting up a service provider, you might have to have your own domain, such as ours, “”

Tip 1:

You can ask your contacts to move you to their contact list as well, so their own service providers won’t flag your emails as spam and send you to their junk folder.

Tip 2:

Email services I recommend are Active Campaign or MailChimp.

Stats to look for:
- Open rates (20% or above is good)
- Click-Through Rates (When someone clicks a link and goes to the next page. 3-4% is decent!)

These things can take time! We’ve currently been working on our open rates and we’ve gone from 10% to 30%, which means we’re more in alignment with what people want.

For clicks, I suggest adding what’s called an “impulse click,” which would be a link near the very beginning/top of the email- and one in the PS, for those that skip to the bottom. (like me!)

That’s the quick and dirty of emails and nurture sequences, and making sure you have a super strong one so you can actually make money with your email list!

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Look into setting up an email domain, that way you won’t get flagged for spam!
  • The open rate of emails is much higher than social media, meaning the return for your work is MUCH better!
  • Have a strong welcome (or “nurture”) sequence that goes out the first three days after someone subscribes to your email list.
  • Do not sell anything during those three days! Give them your best stuff for free.
  • Get a domain, use an email service, and check your open and click-through rates to see how your audience is receiving your message.

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