The 4 Key Components Every Successful Business Has



If you want to build a business that makes money, then scale it to 6 or 7 figures, you need to have these 4 systems in place:


An Awareness System


A Nurturing System


A Sales System


An Automation System

When I first started my business 5 years ago, I was doing a LOT of things… but not making any money. I thought building a business was about having a consistent social media presence, so I hired my first contractor and had her focus on my social media.

I ended up paying her around $3,000 before realizing I wasn’t getting anywhere. It was a big wake-up call.

Social media, with its likes, followers, and engagement can feel sexy- but people burn out because they put all their efforts into that bucket and nothing happens. At the end of the day, they end up losing time they’re not getting paid for. The systems network marketers get set up with need to be challenged!

I’ve spent countless hours over the last 18 years doing many things, and maybe 5% of those activities have actually led to making money. This is the biggest difference I see between entrepreneurs that pull a profit vs. the ones that don’t… and end up constantly paying into something, never seeing a return.

If your business isn’t making money, first- it’s not your fault. (However, if you don’t take action after listening to this episode, it will be!)

The tricky thing about taking advice from an upline who built a business several years ago is they’re probably not giving you an actual “system.” They’re giving you a quick path to burnout! Stop following that old advice of sharing your story and cold-messaging strangers, and buckle in for these systems.  

First: Your Awareness System.

This is your process on social media. The goal isn’t to post and hope you catch a wave and go viral- it’s to test “hooks” to see what your audience responds to.

A “hook” is referring to the first line of a caption or the text on your reels. It’s what people read first that sparks curiosity to continue reading.

The goal is eventually to use ads to get those hooks in front of cold leads and warm them up. Ads allow you to get in front of more people at a faster rate. (Hashtags will not do this, by the way!)

Every successful business runs ads. The more successful you get, the more you can spend on ads, and that’s good! (That’s why running those tests on social media to see what your people respond to is so important!)

Some people respond to pain, and some to pleasure. My audience responds to the pain of being a network marketer in a funny way. Your audience might be split- some might respond to the inspirational side of things, the humorous or painful side of things, etc.

Remember- if you’re just posting on social media, you’re only reaching 1-2% of your audience.

If you have 100 followers, only 1 person is likely to see the post you worked so hard on. Using social for organic purposes is a long road to no guarantee of success. You want to build your social media with the eventual plan of using ads to get in front of other people. It doesn’t need to cost a lot, but you NEED to utilize a system to get in front of more people, or you will burn out!

Second: Your Nurturing System.

After they become aware of you, you need to build likability, trust, and rapport so they can move forward in your sales process and you can solve their problem. This is where you utilize things like lead magnets, which build your credibility and help people understand the value you have to offer.

A lead magnet is a free download of some sort that gets people on your email list. Other ways to nurture people can be in your Instagram stories, where you take people behind the scenes, or you can host mini 7-day challenges in private Facebook groups that push people toward the next step, and so on. (Always have an end goal in order to drive revenue!)

Third: Your Sales System.

You can’t just leave people alone after nurturing them and hope they’ll click a link and buy from you! This is where email is the perfect tool. You can provide free value, goodwill, and content but drive them forward into the next step of your sales system.

Fourth: Your Automation System.

The scariest part of entrepreneurship is having to do something over and over again that can’t repeat without you. What happens if you get sick? Or if you don’t send enough DM’s? If your business won’t grow, you have to figure out how to turn what’s working into something repeatable.

Don’t invest any time in something that isn’t scalable. It can be something that works alongside your network marketing business- it’s just a funnel that takes someone from one step to the next automatically and it doesn’t have to be high-tech!

You can’t grow a business by individually messaging people. Successful network marketers always have a website and system they’re running people through that works without them. Their website directs you to a free download in exchange for your email… and now you’re on their email list.

These are the four systems happening behind the scenes that many people don’t know about, but they’re what gives you the foundation to build a scalable business that can grow and flourish!

It’s not about investing more time- it’s about setting it up once, then tweaking it once it’s running.

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Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Network marketers are not set up with a system that will make them money.
  • Sharing your story, posting, and sending individual DM’s is not a “system.”
  • In order to make a profit and build something sustainable, you need a 4-step system that involves ways to build awareness, nurture your audience, make sales, then get it all automated.
  • Are you turning what’s working into something repeatable? That is the secret to scaling.

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