The Fastest Way To 10X Your Monthly Income As A Network Marketer



 A lot of uplines and influencers promote bad habits.

They’re teaching you that all of your effort should be put in the social media basket! This is bad advice for a few reasons…

First of all, social media makes it very challenging to be seen unless you’re paying for it. (If you’re hearing crickets, it’s likely not your fault.) Facebook and Instagram have a ton of advertisers, so they don’t need your help filling their feeds- they have people paying to be there.

When a company hits that tipping point, they don’t need your organic content nearly as much.

When influencers talk about hashtags, likes, and engagements- they’re telling you to spend all your efforts in a very steep, uphill climb. Pay attention to who is giving the advice- they might already come from a famous or successful family… or had a post go viral! It might not be something that is repeatable by you or your team. 90% of the people I talk to are concerned about what to post on social, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t be. It’s important! But every single person who doesn’t know how to warm up a cold audience will burn out and quit.

99% of network marketers quit because they’re not given the tools to build a profitable business. They’re only given tools to talk to their friends and family, or those in their immediate circle.

If that’s the advice you’ve been given, it’s not your fault your business isn’t growing. It’s not the fastest way to grow your income.

The fastest way is to have a strategy that extends BEYOND social media. You can utilize social, but if your strategy starts and stops there, you’re not set up for success. If something happens to your account, you don’t own that content- so you could lose it forever.

You own an email list, however!

There is a time and place for social media, but I don’t recommend just sharing your story. I recommend it as a place to test different “hooks.” What will dump a bucket of ice water on them and tell them to pay attention? An example of a hook would be, “Your Upline is Full of Sh*t.” People want to know more. Or, “Keto is making you fat.”

Test what lands with your audience, then do more of it.

Then it’s time to move them off of social media. Unfortunately, most of your audience isn’t seeing your content- so when they do, you want to push them to a space like email. Big influencers talk about the importance of building an email list!  

There are a few things you can do:


Make sure you have an email list where you are regularly communicating with your audience.


Have some kind of “welcome sequence” that warms people up and introduces them to you. (These can include what you do and why, some of your best content, videos, trainings, etc!) Next, when you’re launching or teaching something new, you will need to email your list about it.


Have a “lead magnet.”
This is a free piece of valuable content that your people are shocked to receive for free, and will gladly give you their email address to get it. These can be simple PDF’s made in Canva, but they need to be highly desirable to your audience.


Have somewhere you’re building relationships and fostering trust. (This might be a FB group or showing up in your IG stories.)

Strategies for IG stories can be confusing, but ultimately they’re for nurturing. FB groups are similar. You can establish yourself as an expert and authority, and strengthen bonds with your audience.

(It’s like dating- if you stop seeing someone’s face and stop talking to them, it’s over!)

Everything I’ve explained so far is a basic version of a “sales funnel” that you need to have in place.

From there, the fastest way to grow your income (once you have your entire funnel set up), is to send traffic to it.

This is how we 10x’d our business!

I’m telling you- this is it. There is nothing else I’m hiding. These are the components we had, then the difference was turning on the tap with Facebook & Instagram ads… and that’s when our business blew up.

We had our first 7 figure year.

Get those fundamentals in place first, and THEN you can drive traffic to your opt-in and your lead magnet.

Once you have everything set up, it can be automated in the future! It’ll take work at first and need some tweaking in the future- but once you have ads set up, you can watch the money flow in. Then, running your business becomes VERY easy.

I hope this has dispelled myths for you and given you an “ah-ha” moment!

If so, get registered for my free upcoming workshop, “Your Upline is Full of Sh*t. Cold Messaging Won’t Build a 6-Figure Business. Do This Too.

It’s on Monday, September 19th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. Jump in on it if you’re struggling and want to make more money!

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Pay attention to who you’re getting social media & business advice from. Make sure their circumstances (or what got them there) can be repeated by you or your team!
  • Use social media as a testing ground for “hooks,” not for sales.
  • IG Stories & FB Groups are for relationship nurturing.
  • Use an email list for sales.
  • Once you have your funnel in place, start using ads to drive people to it, and you’ll scale.

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