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Shana Yurko helps entrepreneurs and big brands stand out and sell more with video. Whether she’s producing your scroll-stopping video content or teaching you in her self-study course how to get visible and attract more leads with your videos, she’s there to simplify the sh*t out of showing up on-camera for your business!

I’ve worked with Shana in the past and just love the wealth of information she is! In today’s conversation, I asked her every burning Reels question I could think of, starting with her thoughts on what it takes to go viral.

“There’s a new type of viral,” she said. “I tell my students, ‘Anything that is more than your number of followers is considered viral.’” (This is GREAT news!)

This means it’s not just your followers who are seeing your reel! If you have 5,000 followers and you get 6,000 views, it’s technically viral. That’s what we should be paying attention to in terms of wanting our terms to get pushed to different viewers that aren’t necessarily already following us. (This is the key to growing your account!)

More good news: Instagram is listening to creators’ feedback.

Did you notice recently that Instagram announced they were switching to a full-screen video feed? Well, everyone pushed back by saying, “So this is basically the new TikTok?!” and IG has decided to roll back that test!

Yes, we want to attract new viewers and get more followers- but at the end of the day, what matters most is your ideal person seeing your reels. (Not necessarily a bunch of people who wouldn’t buy from you.)

It’s all about creating content that resonates with that ideal person! You have to make sure it’s gonna hit home for the person you want to connect with.

The 4 types of reels Shana teaches her students to make:

Reel #1

Easy Informational

This is your standard reel where you might do a lip-sync, or display value with text on the screen.

Reel #2

Trending Reels

You’re taking advantage of trending audios.

Reel #3

Wow Factor

You’re incorporating cool transitions. (Outfit or location changes, cool camera moves, etc!)

Reel #4


This might be the most important kind right now! It hits the desire that Instagram has for you to have original content. (Any time you’re talking to the camera, you’re creating an original sound, which Instagram prioritizes!)

For our team at Ashley Shaw, we’ve found that the hook is everything. It’s not always the style of reel, but definitely the message.

You have three seconds or less to get people’s attention with videos, especially with reels! Direct-to-Camera reels get people to connect with YOU as a person. Yes, they want to see the funny & relatable stuff, but the direct-to-camera reels feel like you’re having a conversation. The eye-to-eye connection is huge for building trust.

Even if direct-to-camera reels don’t necessarily get the “viral” number of views, they’re nurturing your existing audience and getting them one step closer on the journey to buying from you. That’s why they’re so important to include, even if they don’t get the results you initially think you want.

Here is Shana’s process when it comes to creating reels… 


She spends only 5-10 minutes scrolling for audios and that’s it. She’ll save sounds that are trending, or that she thinks she can use later.


Around once per week when she’s batching her content, she’ll go into those saved audios and ask herself, “How can I apply this to my business’s messaging?” She’ll choose 4-5 audios and make sure they spread evenly across her content pillars, so that she won’t be posting the same thing every day that coming week. Then, she spreads her tips across her content pillars.


Within 10-15 minutes, she’ll shoot all of her reels at the same time! She’ll switch outfits to make it look like different times, and might edit/add some text at the same time- but many times she simply saves the videos in two places: her IG drafts AND on her phone, in case her drafts get deleted from the app somehow. She will also save a caption or video scripts in another app. (One thing she learned from me is to do what feels easiest at the time! I’m all about that.)


She will write a bunch of video scripts or bullet points at one time, and saves them in a bank. When she batch creates her videos (or direct-to-camera reels), she’ll have them ready to go so that later, she can post one per week.


When it comes to on-screen text, if she has a great idea while filming, she’ll add it. If you want the easiest route, she recommends batching everything at the same time so all you have to do is hit post!

It’s ok to wait until you’re in the “reels mood,” but if that’s what works best for you, you’ve gotta STRIKE while that creative spark is hot! That’s when Shana has made her most effective reels.

If you can find a way to make your messaging entertaining to your ideal customer, it will ALWAYS win!

For the people who don’t want to dance and be over the top, you can still be entertaining and be 100% you! Find your comfort zone when it comes to expressing your personality on camera. It’s hard to step in front of the camera, but don’t try to show up as anyone else. (It won’t across as authentic, anyway!)

You have permission to show up exactly as you are, and you will still attract YOUR people.

Shana’s favorite apps:

  • Later & Planoly (for scheduling)
  • Adobe Rush for editing (a little more advanced)
  • InShot (one of the best user-friendly video editing apps)
  • Inside the Instagram app itself if she’s doing a transition!  (It has the “align” feature that appears after you’ve taken your first shot, making lining up new shots super easy.)
  • “Teleprompter” app (for direct-to-camera reels)

HOT TIP: If you’re shooting a direct-to-camera reel, you need a mic! People will tolerate mediocre visuals, but not audio. (Shana uses a $50-$60 mic that’s small and portable with a phone tripod that has a spot for a microphone, too. She also has an $8 suction cup she can use to place it anywhere.)

Want to find Shana?

Find her on Instagram at
@shanayurko and shoot her a DM! 

You can also search her name on YouTube for in-depth tutorials!

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The new “viral” is having more people see your reel than who follow you
  • Entertaining reels always win
  • Don’t pretend to be like anyone else; being yourself will attract your people
  • The key to growing your account is getting your videos beyond the eyes of those who already follow you.

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