Instagram Growth Hacking 101 With Ariel Carr



Is there a secret sauce to growing your following and going viral?
Let’s dive into what is working RIGHT NOW and how you can grow your reach.


Your greatest asset when trying to grow your following is CONSISTENCY. This will give you the best chance for visibility and greater insight into what IS working and what isn’t. The goal is to provide content people are interested in and can benefit from.

But what happens when you are posting consistently and not getting any engagement?? It’s time to go back to square 1 and figure out why it isn’t working. Take some time to study content that is working for others, and look at people in your area of interest that are getting the type of engagement you’re after. Take content that is performing well and give it your own spin. Maybe it’s a viral audio, dance, or transition… take it, and make it yours! (No need to reinvent the wheel.)

Remember: People want to know the real person behind the brand.

They want to know your journey.

The most successful posts are typically entertaining, educational, or inspirational. When you use these as your main content pillars, it becomes easier to generate and filter your content through that lens. You may have sub-topics within a pillar, but they should always align with your main goal.

How vital are Reels, hashtags, and stories… really?

Reels are the #1 growth technique right now, so if you want to grow… you need to be making reels.

Making a reel can be intimidating for some people so here’s a little blueprint for ya:

Good lighting

Camera cuts & transitions to grab attention

Purpose behind the content (include a header so people know exactly what they’re going to learn about)

Trending element (audio, dance, transition)

Make it unique, and have fun with it!

You can definitely do all your editing in Insta, but if you’re looking to level up your game you can check out other editing apps and tools like “Final Cut.” Canva is also an amazing resource for creating graphics!

Now, there is some back and forth on hashtags these days. Insta has changed a lot since the early days of posting food pics, using the valencia filter, and adding a million random hashtags. But you can still maximize your reach by including hashtags in your caption! Try using 3-5, and don’t be afraid to niche down. You want to draw in your ideal customer and not get lost in a sea of posts in the more viral hashtags.

Stories are an incredibly versatile tool in your content strategy. You can give people a behind-the-scenes look into your life, building that personal connection, or use it as an opportunity for micro teachings that drive people to a call to action.

Will every post you make go viral?

No. And they don’t need to. Viral posts are great for brand exposure, but Call to Actions lend to better conversion rates.

So is there a secret to scaling a business quickly?

The secret is…planning. (I know, not as glamorous as we might think). A mistake A LOT of people make is jumping out there without a plan or a valid offer. Do your research to find out if this is something people want or need! Maybe take a poll, or organize a beta group. Develop a real content strategy and set measurable goals. A little bit of time spent planning will save you a lot of unnecessary trial and error down the road.

Ok, ok… so how do you start monetizing?

The thing that sets you apart from alllll the other options out there is…YOU. Offering something free to your target audience gets interested people engaged and in your marketing funnel. Think about what you are passionate, knowledgeable, and skilled at and how you can combine all 3 into something people would want. A digital product is a fantastic option because of the low costs (if any), and you’re not trading time for money. You can also offer a course or coaching session.

Even though Instagram and network marketing may have changed over the years, there is still a massive opportunity to build a profitable online business, leveraging social media to  YOUR advantage. I hope that this brought a little more clarity on how to use Instagram to grow your business!

Find Ariel on Instagram @arielcarr,  or visit her website:

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Consistency is your greatest asset when it comes to growing your following.
  • Reels are the #1 growth technique right now, you have to make them if you want to expand your reach.
  • Establish your content pillars and stick to them.
  • Have a plan before jumping in, and do the work to set yourself up for success.
  • A free lead magnet is key to getting people in your funnel and boosting monetization.

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