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“Scaling” means being able to take your business from where it is now to doubling, tripling, quadrupling or even 10x-ing your business. It’s all about the steps it’s gonna take to get there.

I've compiled a list of 6 things that are most important when it comes to scaling as quickly as possible, and for me that's what it’s all about- removing things that are “nice” to have, but you don’t need in order to see those gains in your business.

First, a little background on what led me here…

I was the president of a fitness company on Vancouver Island in Eastern Canada, while my husband’s career was in oil and gas out west in Ontario. For a while, we were only seeing each other every 4-6 weeks and it definitely wasn’t ideal! I’d always known that eventually, I’d return home so I was working on a side business during all of my free time before and after work.

I’d known things were iffy at the company I worked for with legal battles among family members, and one day, I received the phone call that the company was closing.

On one hand I was in shock, but on the other I’d been preparing for this moment. I was going 100% in on my business, though I’ll admit- I handed out ONE resume for a teaching position at a local college.

Thank my LUCKY STARS I spelled “entrepreneur” wrong on my resume, which cost me the job! I would’ve done really well in that role, and never would’ve gone full-time with my business and taken that risk! (Maybe spell-check knew what it was doing for me that day.)

Although sales in my business were inconsistent and I was having to rely on my husband’s income to continue taking this risk, I knew there was no f*cking way I’d ever go back to working for someone else. I was ready to do this on my own.

These are the 6 things that helped me scale my business:



There was no option B for me. I was in a small town, and I wasn’t about to take a step back and work for the local gym. Right before we had our first 7-figure year, I discovered another gear. My coach asked the question, “What would it feel like if you had a 1-5 million dollar business?”
I told him, “I feel like I’m already there.” There was a deep confidence in every cell of my body, and now I would call this the “Abundance Mindset.” When you don’t feel like you trust what’s going to happen, you’re constantly fighting demons in your mind and scrambling. You HAVE to rise above that, where you can think clearly and there’s no more bickering.


Understanding Offers.

I didn’t stumble upon the importance of investing in and understanding offers or the concept of needing a funnel until like 18 years into all of this! When it came to making money online, I always thought I could slap shit together online and people would buy it. That if there are ENOUGH people that see it, I’d make the money I wanted to make.
The truth is, a LOT of things go into being able to scale a product. (This is where the term “funnel” comes in.) An offer must be part of a funnel that’s already in place… and you MUST be able to tweak that offer.

This is the limiting factor when it comes to network marketing: you’re stuck with whatever product(s) your company sells, and you can’t put your own tweak or spin on it. It’s extremely challenging to scale a business in this way. 

If you’re in NWM, you need to “come off the teat” and use it as a supplement to a bigger business, where you’re building your OWN branding. What do YOU do, that’s different from everyone else? You can’t just say “I’m a Beachbody coach!” There are thousands of those. What value do you bring to the world, and how will you find the people looking specifically for you? (You’re not looking for ANYONE else!)

Network Marketing is essentially a “business in a box,” and that’s ok! Something like $500/month can be life changing. But if you’re wanting to play with $5,000/month or 7 figures per year, you’ve GOT to truly understand what you’re offer is going to be, how you’re going to make yourself different, and then create something different.


The Top 5% Rule.

A lot of things will compete for your time. When it comes to everything you have to do, only about 5% of those things have an impact on revenue coming into your business.

It’s easy to get pulled in multiple directions (like changing profile pictures for better branding on Instagram, etc…) that won’t drive sales TODAY. Instead, I need to be able to put together a great offer, and know what to say on social media and on ads. I need to know what to put on a sales page, what lead magnets and trip wires to create… a different set of skills are required in order to be CLEAR on what drives revenue to your business.

These are what drive revenue for me: Creating offers, being the face of my business, getting good at writing copy, and understanding my ideal customer and what they actually want.

So many of us don’t focus time in our Top 5% areas, and that’s a KEY problem. You want to make sure you’re doing the things ONLY you can do, and it does take some time! Especially when you’re first getting started. So figure out what your top 5% is, and make sure it’s in direct alignment with driving sales.



I always say this: The FASTEST way to scale is to get more eyes on your products and offers, and the fastest track to that is ads. TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Google banners, you name it! Too many people think just posting on social media will grow their business, but the truth is you won’t scale quickly that way. Ever. (Unless you’re the 1 in a million that goes viral for the right thing that specifically has to do with your product! But you never want to leave your business to that kind of chance.)

I’m not saying go willy nilly when it comes to ads and “paying to play,” but it IS an area that will payoff and have a HUGE impact on your business. (It’s one of the key factors that allowed us to have our first 7 figure year!)



Accountability works incredibly well for people reaching for ANY kinds of goals. I ALWAYS perform best when I have to meet a coach or trainer of any kind! Your game has to rise to a new level each time.

When it comes to business we tend to think we can go at it alone, and maybe that tendency stems from hearing crazy success stories of people who started in their garage… but the truth is, NONE of us do it on our own. We ALL have mentors, coaches, accountability and support!

I don’t know why it took 18 years for me to hire a coach specifically in the online marketing world. Maybe it was because I always felt like I was an amateur and not ready for that level yet… but once I did, it changed everything. He guided me, and helped me focus on the right things. That’s what helped us actually have our first 7 figure year, and I’ve never been without a coach since!

You absolutely MUST find a coach that’s done it before, one that you trust, and you like their style. There are LOTS of coaches out there, and I could’ve picked many… but I wanted someone good at Facebook ads. I’d heard of this person, listened to his podcasts, and though I didn’t think I was quite at his level yet, I got on a call with him and after talking, I just knew. I didn’t care what the cost would be- I knew he’d be able to help me.  



Community is why I love masterminds. (As long as people have been vetted and it’s all people playing at the same or similar level.) I loved the mastermind I joined because it was a community of people who were fellow entrepreneurs but were further ahead than I was! I was able to ask questions and take in what they were doing to be successful.

It’s one thing to have a coach, it’s another to see what others are doing and get strategies from them. I’ve made some lifelong friends I really admire, and I cherish those relationships! Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, and it’s not like you have corporate retreats where you’re chillin’ with coworkers or anything. Yes, having a team is wonderful, but my soul still yearns for a higher level of connecting with people who are doing more than I am- like running an 8 figure business. How can I push the limits and learn what it takes NOW to go from 7 figures to 8?

You want to rub shoulders with people who are doing more than you. It might be uncomfortable, because it pushes you out of your comfort zone (where you know what you're doing)… but there’s always so much more you can learn. When you find a good group in a mastermind, it’s the secret sauce to success.

Those are the things I’d invest in when you want to scale, you’re done fucking around, and want to 10x your business.

If this sounds like you, and you’re completely ready for a real change in your business, you’ll definitely want to watch my free workshop I hosted on July 17th, called The 7 Figure Formula! The replay is available for just a few more days, and when you watch it, you’ll learn about how I’m opening up a mastermind for the first time in 2 years!

I’m looking for you if everything I’ve taught and affirmed for you is resounding with a big YES. (I want to help double, triple, 10x or quadruple your business- whatever you want!)

Just make sure you hurry over to ashleyshaw.ca/7figureworkshop-live/ to catch the replay before midnight on Sunday, July 24th so you can catch how to apply for my upcoming mastermind!

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Network Marketing alone makes it nearly impossible to scale your business, because you can’t tweak what you’re selling. It’s essentially a “Business in a box.”
  • 6 Things You Need in Order to Scale:
  • Abundance Mindset (no mental scrambling)
  • Understanding of Offers
  • Following the Top 5% Rule
  • Utilizing Ads
  • Accountability
  • Community

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