Will Network Marketing Really Make You Rich?



There’s always a sparkle in new network marketers’ eyes that says “I’ve finally found my path to freedom!” I see it ALL the time.

We’ve all been there (or we’re still in that honeymoon phase), where we feel like we’ve struck gold.

Thinking back to when I was selling Cutco knives, I definitely felt the same way! Sales felt easy, but granted- times were different, and it was much more face-to-face. I remember thinking, “It’s just a numbers game! I’ve just gotta get in front of enough people, do my demo, and I’ll make a killing!”

I was only 16-17 years old, and I was hopeful for the future.

Unfortunately, my audience ended up running out. At the end of my demos, I would ask, “Who are 20 other people I could do this demo for?” Each person would make a list, and I’d call those contacts and repeat the same process over again.

Well, 2 of my friends had gotten me into this and eventually my community was over-saturated. The people I’d reach out to had already been talked to, and suddenly I kept hitting dead ends!

The same scenario is true for people now, even on social media with larger audiences. You can feel like you’ve just been tapped out.

A lot of network marketers fail because they use up their warm audience QUICKLY. You can share your story and get people excited about what you’re doing, but eventually there are no new fish in the bowl.

When I hear coaches tell people to “just share your story,” there IS an ELEMENT of truth to it… but the rest is bullshit.

After a certain point, you DO have to learn how to become a marketer and take people through a value journey. They’ve never met you before, next they engage with you, then there’s an exchange of value and information, and you become their coach… but this process is left out of the conversation.

Call it the “tech” or “marketing” side, but I think it scares a lot of people… and they just wanna talk about the fun stuff.

Let’s break down whether or not network marketing will ACTUALLY make you rich, what it looks like for those that DID make it, and what YOU should be doing too if you really want this to be your full-time gig.

The fact is, a lot of people who got involved in NWM started 8-10 years ago when there was less competition and it was easier online.

Plus, bonus structures change and there are many unpredictable scenarios. (For example, a friend of mine who was in the top 1% of his NWM company and apparently got cut, because he was making too much money. His paycheck was gone. Can companies do that? Not sure, but I have no reason to doubt what he told me! When someone else controls your paycheck, these are the things you simply have to be aware of!)

I’ve done the research MANY times with various companies, and LOTS of the successful network marketers have been around a long time. They definitely didn’t just “start yesterday,” boot up a Facebook account and decide they were gonna make it big on a product.

If you think you’re going to accomplish 6 figures with JUST network marketing now, I think you’ll be missing some key tools you’ll need in order to do that.


Your company and upline simply aren’t giving you the full tool kit to be able to go out into the cold market.

You HAVE to be able to differentiate yourself from every other rep/coach/distributor out there! You can’t just hold up a sign that says “I’m a coach!” and expect to make 6 figures.

You need a “signature offer.”

In order to get REALLY good results with your company, you need to carve out what YOU wanna do. Who you are, why you’re different… and you miiight just happen to ALSO sell the products you’ve come to love, trust and know from your company. Not the other way around!

You’re not your network marketing company… you’re your own entity, and you happen to sell their products.

This way, you’ll control your website, Facebook ads (which any scaling business is using), info Facebook gets, etc. Why is this important?? The better info the Facebook algorithm gets, the better your ads will perform- and the faster, easier, and less expensive you can scale your business!

People need to receive a tiny offer before they’ll buy your core offer. No one shells out tons of hard-earned money to buy from someone, unless they’ve first built trust with a much smaller option.

When you’re your own entity, you can create a smaller product and have it in your “value ladder” of what people can purchase from you. Then you can track conversions along the way, and you have full control over the funnel you’re building.

This way, you can also control your offer! You’ve gotta know your audience and what they’re actually looking for.

(Let’s say you sell makeup products, but your audience is begging for lessons. If you become your own business or expert, you can also sell what they’re actually asking for!)

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Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Uplines and network marketing companies aren’t giving you the full toolkit you’ll actually need to work with a cold audience once your warm one runs out.
  • Every successful network marketer out there either started back when the climate was different 8-10 years ago, OR they have a signature offer that is separate from their company’s products.
  • You will need some marketing knowledge to get past your warm audience when there are no new fish in the bowl.
  • I’m teach everything in my free workshop: https://karma.ashleyshaw.ca/your-nwm-company-wont-make-you-rich/

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