Practical Tips for Showing Up Consistently When You’re Busy AF



These are the six game-changers I’ve implemented into my business that you should, too!

Create a system.

A huge reason many people fail is because they don’t have a system for organizing themselves when it comes to what they’re going to do online.

Maybe they don’t have audio preselected for their reels, or a content plan they’re following… so they might be trying to do everything all at once. (Coming up with an idea, creating the video, crafting a caption AND the hashtags is a LOT of different types of work for your brain to do all at once!)

Personally, if I leave my content creation to that kind of process, I get tripped up and inconsistent.

First, select your content pillars of what you’ll consistently talk about, then save content as it comes to you! Creativity doesn’t always strike right when you want to post something- it’ll come at random times like during a workout, etc... So keep a list somewhere of everything that hits you. (Our team has a channel in Slack where we can add ideas and things we come across that we can reference later.)

Have a system, and a place to store ideas! 

Stop doing stuff that doesn’t work.

Many people haven’t used the “80-20” principle in their businesses. (It means 20% of your efforts are contributing to 80% of your results.) Determine: what kinds of work are getting your best results?

Then: Stop doing what’s not working. ALL of it takes effort to put together, and if you’re putting energy into things that aren’t producing results, you won’t get anywhere.

Everything you’re putting out needs to pack a punch and ACTUALLY contribute toward your biz goals.

Analyze your posts and content for what’s getting the best results. Ask yourself how you can do more of those things. In my business, I tend to find that reels that have humor or voice-over audios are really well received, so I try to do more of them. When I saw that certain types of posts weren’t getting a lot of engagement (like photoshoots and images of me), we simply reduced those kinds of posts.

Keep testing new post types to see what else works! (Just don’t repeat old things that don’t work.)

Batch your work.

We’re least effective when we’re trying to multitask.  Our brains just aren’t built for it.  It takes energy to switch from writing a caption to creating a reel, coming up with hashtags, and so on!  Instead of going at it all at once, create your captions for the week all at once.  There are days of the week that I reserve for making videos, writing emails, creating captions, etc!  That way I can be fully engaged in each task.

Accept the amount of work you can realistically handle.

It’s easy to take on too much, then get annoyed because we can’t reach the END of our to-do list. Reading the book Traction was a game changer for me! It’s all about having an “entrepreneurial operating system.”

Your business is a living, changing thing and its needs are also changing. What hits your to-do list one day, might not be important the next week so it’s important to accept the amount of work you can realistically do. Be honest with how long tasks will take you. Don’t underestimate it, or you’ll constantly be behind.

Also, look at the top 3 things that need to be done in order to drive sales in your business. That stipulation must ALWAYS be placed on everything! If you’re running a business, your goal is to drive sales and customers. If you add that to the end of each to-do, it’ll help clear your perspective and priorities. Which tasks actually lead to sales?

Delegate whenever possible!

This was VERY important for me to learn. When I was first starting out, I thought I needed to save money so if I could do a task, I would. This might FEEL helpful in the beginning, but eventually I learned that I needed to focus on the top 5% of my business that ONLY I could do.

For example, no one else can go live online or be in my Instagram Reels but me. I’m the face of my business. So when it comes to thinking about what you should be doing in your business, get really good at being the face of it. Get good at writing emails and creating content too, because you’ll have MUCH more control over your sales when you’re involved with those aspects!

You don’t necessarily need to write ALL of your emails and posts, but make sure you get really damn good at understanding what your ideal customer wants. Then you can use templates for your emails or certain kinds of posts, and tweak them each time so you can speak directly to THOSE customers!

Your #1 job is to get REALLY intimate with your ideal customer and understand the problems they want to solve, then delegate the task of coming up with emails and posts- so the templates you’ve created can easily be tweaked to fit those customers.

One reason you might currently be struggling is because you’re too far down in the weeds, and you need to be able to get HIGHER up in your business. The only way to do that is to delegate some things that will free you up to focus your super power energy on things that drive sales.

Keep an Issues List.

I get easily distracted if I’m doing something, and come across something I have to fix! We keep a list in Slack that’s dedicated to issues we can solve at one delegated time. (This way, we can focus on just those issues and knock them all out at once!) It removed the pressure I felt from needing to solve everything all the time.

Those are the 6 tips I recommend you do in order to show up consistently, even when you’re busy AF!

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Make sure you follow a system for content creation, and store ideas for later as they come to you!
  • Learn to analyze content stats in order to let go of what’s not performing, and duplicate more of what is.
  • Put everything under the lens of “does it drive sales.”
  • As the business owner, your job is to get out of the weeds so you can be the face of your business and look ahead.

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