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If you’re a fitness or nutrition coach struggling to build a consistent paycheque that would allow you to quit your 9 to 5 or not return to a 9 to 5, I can help. Or, if you sell products in the health and wellness niche and want to build a simple, automated system that brings in potential customers without having to think about it, you’ll see how the authentic marketing funnel can get you there easier and faster.

Before we get to the details, let’s take a step back. In order to create a consistent paycheck, we’ve got to understand where you’re working from. So what is it about running a coaching business that has you wanting more? And most importantly, why haven’t you made the progress you know you’re capable of?

Here’s a fact: Old habits stop people from getting what they want more than anything else.

They keep you stuck… and it happens on a subconscious level. Let’s face it, dealing with the overwhelm that comes with building an online business can be tough. But worse are the negative thoughts and doubts that creep in. And if you’ve ever asked yourself will this coaching thing EVER bring me the financial freedom I want, it’s ok. That’s totally normal.
To be honest, a lot of successful fitness & nutrition coaches have had these very thoughts. In fact, so did I. I remember lying awake at night, wondering, “Will this EVER really work, or are all the people that make 6 figures online magical fairies?”

To make matters worse, it seemed like other people doubted me, too! And if you know how it feels to have someone close to you question what’s important to you - well, you know what it’s like. It’s tough.

Then I realized something. I could let this become my truth and have it stop me from getting what I want, or I could tap into all that energy and time I spend on worrying - and channel it so it gets me closer to my goals. Because worrying takes a lot of energy, right? You know how worn out it makes you feel! So the great news is, if you feel this way it’s actually a GOOD thing. You’ve got all the strength you need, you just need to harness it and use it in a better way. And nothing will make you feel better than taking action towards making your goal a reality.

But what actions to take? I’ll share that in just a few paragraphs.

First, let’s look at the facts: Every year, there are people just like you who are successfully learning to build wildly successful businesses in the health & wellness niche. In fact, there are more people today who do this than ever before! With all the information, tools and resources out there, it’s never been simpler. Now, I didn’t say it was easy. Remember, old habits aren’t easy to change! But with what’s available to us, right now is the absolute best time to make this happen. Especially if you're committed to knowing how to make a consistent income through your coaching business. Because more importantly, that will let you have financial independence.

(How will that feel?) And think about having a community of other coaches who are on the same journey as you, all committed to creating financial freedom where money is never an issue. This is the opportunity we have today, and it’s why I’m so passionate about teaching coaches how to build a customer generating machine.

This is the reason why I created the Authentic Marketing Funnel!

Let’s take a minute and talk about what’s included in the authentic marketing funnel, and how it will help you build a consistent income easier and faster.

The Authentic Marketing Funnel was specifically designed for fitness & nutrition coaches. It’s structured to break this down step by step, and to show you what to focus on to make big strides quickly. It’s broken down into 4 components, and you get these 4 components delivered to you EVERY month. During that time, I’ll walk you through the process so you know exactly how to use these 4 components to build a funnel of people wanting to pay for your products and services, without getting sidetracked by all the usual frustrations.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll get in the Authentic Marketing Funnel Membership:

Daily Social Posts + Reels & Insta Story Ideas to take the strategy pressure off.

30 Done-For-You captions and photo ideas for your public social media pages, 30 Reels with the captions done for you + 5 daily Insta Story ideas.

A High-Quality Lead Magnet that is used to take your ideal customers a layer deeper in your relationship so they get on your email list.

You’ll then have a Weekly Email To continue building that trust and rapport in a space that is much less noisy and the emails focus on getting ideal customers to raise their hand.

You’ll also get a Daily FB Group Post which can be used in a free or paid group you run. This is an important step as it keeps your audience engaged and groups are rated much higher for delivery than social media alone.

Each Reel will be up to date with current trends, are engaging and relevant to your audience, and designed to expand your reach. This gives you strategic, consistent content that encourages your audience to raise their hand to become a customer. As soon as you register for the Authentic Marketing Funnel Membership, you’ll get access to the private members area where you’ll immediately get started with the first module & your first month of content. Then, each module will be delivered to you…on a monthly basis with a copy/paste feature to make it super easy! For the best results, we see members dedicating 1-2 hours per week to go through the material. (Of course, the time it takes to implement varies depending on your ability and experience.) The good news is that you’ll have access to the material for as long as you’re a member! So you’ll be able to reference it whenever you need, and as many times as you’d like.

And you’ll be fully supported with training on how to set up this relationship funnel in a workshop so you can have your own authentic relationship funnel running in no time! It can be done in just 30 minutes using free software (even if you're not a techy) and you’ll never have to send another awkward cold message again!

Know this: The people who get the biggest benefit from the Authentic Marketing Funnel are those that know how to do the work when pointed in the right direction, have the will to succeed and realize they need to invest in themselves to make this work. People like Katie who was a new coach and got super consistent in her business and freed up a ton of her time!!… Or someone like Teresa who has been at this for 10 years. After joining the Authentic Marketing Funnel, she has been able to focus more on growing other leaders and giving them a system they could duplicate because how she built her business doesn’t work now!

If you see yourself in any of the stories I just shared, and you once and for all want to build a consistent pay check from your coaching business, the Authentic Marketing Funnel is for you. But before we go any further, let’s also take an objective look at the Authentic Marketing Funnel:

Who won’t do well with this material? It’s not for anyone who just wants to “kind of” check things out. You can’t “kind of'' build a consistent paycheck from your coaching business. Getting these types of results takes a commitment to succeed. Would you want to fly with a pilot who “kind of” knew how to fly? Or would you rather have a pilot who committed to mastering the necessary skills. It sounds like a silly example, but it’s a perfect analogy. The Authentic Marketing Funnel is for people who are committed to doing what it takes to build a consistent pay check from your coaching business. If the intention and right attitude isn’t there, this isn’t the program for you and it’s best not to join.

Other ways you’re supported through this process:

I’ve just added some brand-new extras which are designed to make it even easier for you to get results. I’m all about helping you build a consistent pay check from your coaching business, and I’m determined to make this as simple as possible. I’ve seen where people get stuck, and I’ve developed these bonuses to specifically answer these challenges so you can bust through those roadblocks.

(Plus you'll get bonus monthly trainings (this is called “Social Insider,”) and it’s based on member requests where you’ll get a masterclass delivered to you in your portal.

I also like to equip all my coaches with my complete “Social Selling Secrets” course which is 12 modules on how to get clear on who you’re talking to, why your story matters and what your unique message is. (It sells for $1,200 on my website so it’s a non-brainer to get in on that bonus!) These bonuses were designed with you in mind, so you have extra help above and beyond what’s already in the Authentic Marketing Funnel to help you overcome the biggest challenges coaches face. All your bonuses are available to you inside the members area. Each of these bonuses have been intentionally created to help you build a consistent paycheck from your coaching business easier and faster.

Speaking of being intentional, I’ve intentionally included a 100% money back guarantee. This program has worked for 8500 coaches and I know it will work for you too. But I also know there’s lots of “too good to be true”, fly by night promotions online so you want to carefully choose who you learn from. That’s why I’ve included this guarantee.

Try the Authentic Marketing Funnel. If it’s not everything I say it is and you don’t feel like I’ve delivered, ask for a refund. And just like always, our policy is “If you can’t make money, then we don’t deserve yours.” So if you don’t find yourself getting more sales and customers in your very first month, just let us know and we’ll refund your entire membership fee, just for giving it a go.

By now, you’ve seen that the Authentic Marketing Funnel gets results and it saves you a ton of time, but you DO have alternatives, so let’s look at them. What would it cost if you were to try and learn this yourself?

This costs me $6,100 per month to make as we have 4 professional copywriters & graphics designers behind the scenes. The great thing is you get the benefit of this being a membership and the cost is nothing like so it is super affordable!

You could also buy some social media posts from someone else - but it wouldn’t give you all the tools you need to stop cold messaging people, and they wouldn’t be made for fitness & nutrition niches so it would take a ton of time to tweak. And worst, what would it cost you if you did nothing at all? (If you stayed stuck barely breaking even or even worse- losing money?)

There’s another way. And when you add up all the hours you'd spend trying to do it alone, not to mention the frustration of not getting where you want to be quickly - well, you deserve to take the easiest, fastest route so you can finally build a consistent pay check from your coaching business. The way to get there is the Authentic Marketing Funnel.

The investment is $97/mo. To make the progress you want in your life, you’ve got to break your old habits. The way you’re going to do that is by investing in this program. I’ll walk you through the entire process, step-by-step, so you too can build a consistent paycheck from your coaching business. If you follow what I’ll show you, you will make progress and that’s why I guarantee it.

The registration period will be closing Sunday April 3rd at midnight. We do this so we can cater to all the new members coming through. It’s similar to a college class. Once the registration period is complete, everyone begins class together and I make myself available to support you. If it was open all the time, it would get confusing and complicated trying to support people who were going through different parts of the program. So the deadline to register is Sunday April 3rd before midnight!

And as you look to make a decision, just know this: If you’re feeling overwhelmed with constantly feeling like your coaching business isn’t going anywhere because all you’re doing is posting on social media…

or you’re struggling to effectively get people to buy from you consistently.

… this is totally normal. For most of us, the biggest challenge is trying to manage all this on top of all the other responsibilities we have. Life is an ongoing competition for your time and attention - and it’s a competition you rarely win. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By making your goals a priority, and having what you need to make them a reality, you can interrupt the pattern and get where you want to go.

Ask yourself this: What’s important in your life right now? What do you want to achieve in the months ahead? Knowing how to build a consistent paycheck from your coaching business will give you exactly what you’re after - the freedom to choose how you spend your time and the freedom to take the girls trip, take your kids to Disney, or buy the new car you’ve been dreaming of. How long have you wanted to accomplish this for? How many times has this goal been pushed to the backburner? You have an opportunity to do something about that right now. Today.

Join me and register for the Authentic Marketing Funnel. Go to

You can also click the button you see on this page and it will take you there. I can’t wait to help you build a consistent pay check from your coaching business!

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