Part 4: The 4-Part Consistent Pay Check Formula



In the first training, we talked about the purpose of social media, and why we need to be driving people to a lead magnet. In the second training we covered how to build trust and authority with that lead magnet. (Because ANYONE that’s going to buy from you MUST trust that you’re an expert.) In my third training, we covered how a Facebook group helps eliminate guessing, so you’re never wondering what to say to convert people! (Plus, it’s a trust-buiIf cold-messaging 100 people/day doesn’t feel sustainable or you don’t know how to get more customers consistently, this training is for you. I’m outlining how to generate multiple sales in one click of a button to ensure you can stop burning yourself out!
lding machine!) So if you haven’t listened to those yet, go back and listen to them now… then come back to this one.

Today, I’m building on what we’ve discussed by breaking down the exact steps you need in order to generate multiple sales in one go, and help you understand how to stop cold messaging people and burning yourself out. By the end of this training, you’ll have clarity about how to scale up your business, see what’s been missing in your strategy, and how it all fits together. I’m also sharing how to use email to make the most interested people raise their hands so you’re never wasting time on prospects who say no… and only have conversations with those actually interested in buying. Once you utilize this, you won’t have to wonder how to grow your business… it’ll all make sense. It will help you break free of the frustration that comes from spending too much time in areas that don’t make a difference! It’s key in helping you find ready-to-buy customers, so you can build a consistent business

This Email Marketing Strategy is going to save you a ton of time. It’s the exact blueprint you need to get multiple sales all at once. So many companies fail to walk you through how to build your business. They just tell you to share your story, but that’s NOT enough to make this a financially stable career. It’s why 99% of coaches fail… but I’m gonna show you how the 1% make it big.

So let’s get into todays training starting with this:

How email can 10x your sales and 
get you multiple conversations at once:

When you’re focusing on cold messaging, it’s like you’re putting your fishing pole in the water and trying to reel in ONE particular fish. There could be so many variables that go wrong there.. The wrong bait, wrong time of day, etc. When you start using email, it’s like casting a NET. As you start collecting emails and adding people to your email list, you can send ONE email and get multiple people to respond who are interested. When you write a social post vs an email, they take around the same amount of time! So wouldn’t it be crazy if all you had to do was spend 1 email a week and 10x or even 100x your sales? It’s absolutely the fastest way to grow your business. Example: a couple of years ago when I was a few years into my business and building an email list, I had about 26,000 people on my email list at that time. When I would send an email, I could generate $26,000 in one month. 4 emails, $26,000. Stats say that each person you add to your list is worth $5 per email. Metrics don’t lie- when you have an email list, you can monetize that email list. If this is the ONE thing you take away from this episode today- START AN EMAIL LIST.

The 4 types of emails you need to send each month to generate sales:

A challenge email.

Take a challenge your ideal customer is facing and talk about it. Usually you have a product you’re ultimately selling, so your challenge email will talk about the challenge your ideal customer is facing. Maybe your customer is focusing on something that won’t actually solve their problem (like your product will), so this email is where you’ll challenge that belief and explain why what they’re doing won’t work.

An expand email.

(You send this 1 week later.) Once that challenge or limiting belief is removed, you expand on what will actually happen after they use your product. (They’re not tired anymore. Those pants fit. Etc.) Show them what will happen once they’ve removed the problem and they’re using your solution.

Your FAQ & testimonial email.

You’re talking about your product or program along with pictures, written testimonials and feedback… it’s a great place to brag about what it’s delivering to people and what people might the saying about you.

The Call to Action email.

You’re being very direct about what you’re launching, and that they need to get in now before it closes.

Which tools are worth the spend for email and which aren’t:

You need an email service provider.

You can’t use Gmail to send your emails. The biggest reason is you’ll never be able to see your stats. What’s your open rate? How many people are clicking through to look at your offer? A few are MailChimp, which is free for a while. My personal favorite is ConvertKit. It’s very visual, and it’s helpful when you’re getting more complicated like building automations. There’s also Flowdesk. I would go with the one that’s easiest for you to navigate. Tech can be complicated, so it’s important you feel the interface is easy to use!  

Next: Use a countdown timer in your emails.

I’d use it in your FAQ email, or Call to Action email when there’s a certain amount of time for them to join you. I use “Motion Mail.” Some email providers might have something built it but either way it’s effective at creating urgency.


They’re free to insert. I’m very visual, so I love having GIFs explaining what’s going on.


It helps your subject lines stand out! Emojis are great, too.

Automate your emails.

It means you can set them up to send at a specific time. We teach our members in the Authentic Marketing Funnel how to set up emails at the beginning of the month so they don’t have to think about them for the rest of the month.

How to get people on your email list without spamming them?

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Lead Magnet
  • Facebook Group

The purpose of social media is to drive people to get on your email list. You do that by creating VERY valuable content and a lead magnet with tips, tricks, time-savings, so much value they can’t believe it’s free. In order to get the lead magnet, they have to opt-in with their email address. Side note: A lot of email service providers will let you build a one page “website” where you can create an “opt-in.” When people opt-in, the freebie can be sent to them directly. (We explain how to set all of this up in our Authentic Marketing Funnel membership.)
When you set up your free Facebook group, you can collect emails when they join and let them know you’ll send them your lead magnet.

In my next episode, I’ll show you how to implement everything you’ve learned, and how this entire system works 10 times better than cold messaging. If you’re a fitness or nutrition coach, this lays out the exact plan so you can become financially independent, and grow a consistent income. And if you’re selling a product in the health & fitness niche, you’ll build on what you’ve already created by following specific steps designed to get you past what’s holding you back, so you get on track and reach your goals.

I’ll also talk more about the Authentic Marketing Funnel, how this program puts everything together for you and how you can join. So if you’re interested in moving forward and want to know how, you’ll want to join me in the next episode when I lay it all out for you! I’m so excited about what’s in store for you! See you right back here for a full summary of the steps to take forward!

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