Part 3: The 4-Part Consistent Pay Check Formula



Any time you’re trying to build a community of engaged, ready-to-buy customers, it’s hard. Everything is new! Building a community, knowing a good time to build a Facebook Group, getting people IN the group, getting them to engage… then converting them?? Definitely not easy.

On top of all that, even if you have experience with Facebook groups already, you’re still looking for the “80/20.” You don’t have time to waste, so you have to find that 20% that’s going to produce 80% of the results… and that’s why my Facebook Group SUPER STRATEGY is gonna save you TONS of time. Let’s go over the exact steps you need to take, to get people to come to you.

First, a warning:

Once you have the overview of the steps, you’ll be tempted to dive in and start right away, but it’s just the high-level view. Stick with me to the end, because I’ll walk you through the important details of that 20% that will bring you 80% of your results. 

Ok, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of today’s training!


Why do you need a free Facebook group?

It’s a more intimate place to drive people to, where you can build trust, show your face, get questions answered, and showcase new products. It’s great for collecting emails, and your content will be shown to more of your audience because the algorithm is better there! Joining your group is a “small yes” from your ideal customer before they buy from you.


How to Build Trust:

In a Facebook group, you can do live videos, answer questions, and show your face. The more you show your face, the more people will trust you!


How to get the exact language to use:

Ask questions, and take notes of the responses. Truly listen to the problems that are shared with you, and the wording used. (That is the exact language you want to be using!)

Your posting strategy should drive group members to be asking questions!

In summary:

Facebook groups are the BEST way to position yourself as an authority. They help you develop MEGA-trust in the shortest amount of time, and help you learn the EXACT language needed to sell to your customers without even trying. You need a posting strategy that will drive sales.

In the next training, I’m going to show you how to implement what you learned today and learn the tool that works 10X better then social media to sell. If you’re a fitness or nutrition coach, this lays out the exact plan so you can become financially independent and grow a consistent income. And if you’re selling a product in the health & fitness niche, you’ll build on what you’ve already created by following specific steps designed to get you past what’s holding you back, so you get on track and reach your goals.

Speaking of learning how to build a consistent income, we’ve been hearing from a number of people who’ve had questions about the Authentic Marketing Funnel - and I’d love to see you in there! In the next episode, we’ll talk more about the program and how you can join. The way it works is that I open the full class to the general public on a very limited basis - it’s NEVER open more than 2 times a year and it will ONLY be open again in the summer. We do this so it runs similar to a college class where we all go through together. So registration opens for a few days, then it closes so I create space for the new members and deliver the content. So if you’re interested in moving forward and want to know how, you’ll want to join me in the next episode when I lay it all out for you.

Now that you’ve got those wheels turning, I want to hear from you.
I know you picked up a lot of ideas from this training, and now’s the time to get started. So let me know via DM on Instagram at @theashleyshaw what your first step will be!

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