Part 1: The 4-Part Consistent Pay Check Formula



Why are some coaches able to become financially independent while others are struggling with an expensive hobby? Why can some coaches build a consistent paycheque while others are losing money and end up quitting? And why are some coaches able to build a strong, profitable business while others feel stuck and hopeless?

In this free training series, I’m sharing the answers to these questions so you too can grow a business that allows you to stay home and coach full-time. In this first episode, you’re going to discover why this proven method for building a consistent paycheque can immediately help you build consistency and momentum and start feeling achievement again in your business. (Once you get this down, you’ll experience what it’s like to start growing your business and really seeing it take off!)

Today I’ll show you what’s possible when you focus on moving 1 person through your customer value journey and start thinking about your coaching business in a whole different way. It will give you a greater opportunity to experience what it’s like to be intentional in your business, to speak to 1 person, and that AHHHMAZING feeling of actually helping people again.

Let’s start with my proven method called my “Social Posting Strategy” that I’ve developed after years of trial and error. If you’re feeling stuck with social media, this will serve as a tremendous resource to eliminate that frustration and help you actually find people you can help. Maybe you’re a fitness coach trying to build a business around workouts, or maybe you’re a nutrition coach wanting to build a business around supplements or nutrition programs. Either way, you’re in the right place because after this episode you’ll know how to use social media as a tool to make people aware of you and engage with you which are fundamental steps to building a business.

The purpose of understanding the Social Posting Strategy is to help you quickly know what it takes to get the right people coming to you on social media so you can turn them into paying customers.

Social Posting Strategy:


Understand The Value Journey (Awareness & Engagement)


Know Who You’re Speaking to


Speak Directly To Them


17 Post Types


Tackle Limiting Beliefs & knock them down

Now that you’re clear about the purpose of social media, the BIG question is: how do you move people to trust you? If you don’t get people to trust you, then they’ll never buy from you. If you feel like you’re always just trying to “sell” people on social media, it means you’ll always feel stuck and frustrated and won’t see consistent results.

What if instead you felt like you could TRULY get them to trust you and that’s ACTUALLY what you were intentionally doing?

This doesn't mean having to work much harder. It’s about changing your mindset around the purpose of social media and the other pieces of your marketing strategy.

A way better result, for the same amount of effort? It’s possible!

Now, what strategy do you need in place to inspire trust and confidence? That's exactly what I'll show you in the next episode.

If you’re a coach, this will serve as the foundation so you’ll see how to ACTUALLY get your mind in the right place first because you can’t build a profitable business JUST on social media alone.

If you’re trying to build a business using JUST social, you’ll never be able to scale it up into a money making machine that runs on autopilot. You need an authentic trust building system to help separate you from ALL the other coaches.

So, once you know exactly what to do, you’ll see it’s easy to grow your business consistently - and I’ll show you how in the next episode.

I’d love to hear from you! Tell me, what would life look like if you could stop having an expensive hobby and start creating a business that produced an income that allowed you to be financially independent?

How would life be different when you had consistent paycheck rolling in? Without you feeling like this business may not work?

Send me a DM on Instagram at @theashleyshaw! I’m going to read every one, and I’ll respond to as many as I can.

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Next up, we’ll talk about how to get you a trust building process in place by following a simple process to help you achieve a full-time paycheck and have the flexibility to stay at home. (And even retire your spouse if that’s where you want to take this!)

I can’t wait to help you in the next episode!

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