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Let’s lay out the foundation. You need to be able to use the power of ads to help more people find you and want to work with you. Ads need to be your goal, because you should reach a point in your business where you can’t rely on people you already know, or keep cold-messaging people anymore. If you want access to the unlimited and untapped number of customers out there, you have to use ads. You can implement Facebook and Instagram ads, or use other tools like YouTube ads, Google… but that’s a whole episode in itself for another day!

The olden days setting up a cool homepage to get likes just doesn’t work anymore. Nowadays, you have to use ads to reach people… and the advantage to this is we can track what’s working! (We couldn’t before!)

Step 1: 

Have a website.

You can start tracking what people are purchasing, and it makes a HUGE difference in terms of firing “the pixel” and telling Facebook, “Yes! I want more people to take this action.”
You can’t just send people to a page and not know what’s happening, or your ad spend won’t be well-utilized. The Facebook algorithm is extremely intelligent, so the more info you can give the Facebook pixel, the more effectively it can find the exact people you’re looking for. A website is a crucial part of this process, because of your ability to track what people are doing.

Step 2: 

Start tracking your “funnel.”

We should ALL have a funnel. It’s when someone comes across you, they subscribe to get on your email list, and then you can put offers in front of them. There are steps along the way: “Leads” are people who come across your site, but don’t do anything. Some won’t open your emails, or they don’t buy anything. With a funnel, you can figure out where that drop off is and waste less money on ads driving people to that spot! For example: If you’re spending money driving people to a page that’s asking for their email address, but no action is being taken on that page- why are you sending money to send traffic there? You have to fix this issue first, and knowing those stats are crucial in accomplishing that.

Step 3: 

Have an email automation system that fires certain emails when certain actions are taken.

Our system has various sequences set up, which are important because you want things to be happening in the background. We have what’s called an “Indoctrination Series.” It helps people get to know, like and trust me... or decide I’m not for them! It helps warm them up, telling them where the most relevant content is, where they can connect with me, find my free Facebook page, etc.
It helps build value to push them along further in their relationship with me. You want this to be happening simultaneously with ads, so the system continues to move leads down this customer journey.

Step 4: 

You have to be active on social media.

I’m talking Instagram and Facebook right now: It makes your ad cost cheaper when people are already engaging with you! It’s telling the platforms that you’re not a random person trying to push people to your page, but you’re an actual person who provides value, and people already interact with you. Going LIVE is very helpful in bringing your cost down, too, and Reels create a HUGE increase in engagement. (I got a 161% increase after only posting six!) You want to be consistent and engaging.

Step 5: 

Make sure you have a compelling offer that falls in line with your customer value journey.

The “Customer Value Journey” looks like this:
First, someone becomes aware of you. Second, they decide if they want to engage with you, then they move to subscribing. There, you HAVE to have something they want to download, which is a valuable freebie (or “lead magnet”) of some sort. This can be via social posts, Facebook groups, etc. You getting a copy of your freebie is how they get on your email list! In your email, have an offer that’s either a time or a monetary investment for them. According to statistics, it should be something in the $7 - $27 range so they take a step forward. Stats say that when someone makes an investment of time or a purchase (it can even be a call, etc), they’re MUCH more likely to become a customer. So go through and audit your funnel to make sure you have the assets you need to make it worthwhile. Think of the offer you’re putting in front of people and ask yourself if it’s something they NEED. Do you have tons of people asking for it? Then it’s gotta be part of your value journey.

So: Do you have those things? (Or is that your plan to build those next steps?) It may seem like a lot, but TRUST ME… they work incredibly well together to make sure you don’t waste thousands of dollars on ads!

If you need help getting this strategy in place, reach out to our team! This is a HUGE part of what we do. It can be a complicated process to understand the ins and outs of everything, especially when you originally just wanted to be a coach… not learn advertising and marketing!

If you’re struggling, raise your hand and let us know. Send us a DM at @theashleyshaw on Insta and we’ll help you out!

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • You need systems running in the background building relationships FOR you, or you’ll never move your business beyond people you know.
  • Look up something called The Customer Value Journey!

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