How I Plan My Entire Social Media Strategy In Under 60 Minutes

Strategy is QUEEN 👸when it comes to social media...And here's why...

You gotta know where you're going and where you're leading people to each month if you want to grow an EMPIRE (**or even like a tiny commonwealth).

So I wanted to break it down and make it super simple - I'm talking what to post, why email matters and why EVERY fitness coach needs a freebie.

So I hope this video training helps you understand a little piece of this online marketing maze and helps untangle it just a little more because HUGE THINGS happen when you start to put all of these marketing wheels in motion and you move towards being strategic & intentional.

I can tell you this for SURE and I see coaching businesses transformed every day by small strategic moves like the ones you will learn in this video.

Enjoy the training and this is the resource I mention in the video:
April Monthly Marketing Strategy

In Sweat & Faith,


  • HI Ashley!

    Lived this video! So helpful!

    Do you by chance have a link to the resources in this video – the strategy template i think would be a great place for me to start!

    Greatly appreciated!