How I Plan My Entire Social Media Strategy In Under 60 Minutes



Strategy is QUEEN ????when it comes to social media...And here's why...

You gotta know where you're going and where you're leading people to each month if you want to grow an EMPIRE (**or even like a tiny commonwealth).

So I wanted to break it down and make it super simple - I'm talking what to post, why email matters and why EVERY fitness coach needs a freebie.

So I hope this video training helps you understand a little piece of this online marketing maze and helps untangle it just a little more because HUGE THINGS happen when you start to put all of these marketing wheels in motion and you move towards being strategic & intentional.

I can tell you this for SURE and I see coaching businesses transformed every day by small strategic moves like the ones you will learn in this video.

Enjoy the training and this is the resource I mention in the video:
April Monthly Marketing Strategy

In Sweat & Faith,


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