Playing In The Arena Of Your Strengths With Teresa Quinlan



What are your strengths based on your emotional quotient (EQ) and your intellectual quotient (IQ)? Teresa will help you find out! She helps connect the dots between your emotional intelligence and your intellectual quotient. Get ready to take your talents and skills to the next level and compound your EQ and IQ because we all know as entrepreneurs, we need to be working in our space of strengths to really build the business of our dreams.

The key takeaways from this episode:

Having balance when you are an overachiever

  • Oftentimes the EQ skill is the balancing skill to our personality or our natural strengths.

  • You need to have stress tolerance strategies and emotional self awareness to recognize when you're pushing yourself too close to that edge and your self care is not a priority or you're sacrificing

Born vs learned entrepreneurs

  • There are natural personality traits that elevate your capacity as an entrepreneur.

  • There are learned skills that will help you to be better as an entrepreneur

  • If you're missing some of those natural personality traits, it just makes the road a little bit trickier to navigate.

  • Everyone has a different experience

Difference between IQ and EQ

  • IQ is static by the time we're 19 which is our aptitude or capacity for learning.

  • This doesn't mean we can't learn new things, but the depth to which we will learn things has a cap. 

  • Our personality is static between the ages of 5 and 7.

  • Emotional quotient is how we understand our emotional information and then use that effectively.

  • EQ is a skill set we can grow continually and it has no cap.

  • Balanced because a balanced emotional intelligence equals consistency in character.

Tips for a new entrepreneur

  • Become self aware

  • Practice challenging your thoughts

  • Practice meditation

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