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Ever find yourself not going on video consistently? Or not showing up for your audience due to a lack of confidence? Struggling to put yourself out there because you aren’t at that “desired weight” yet? Then, this episode is MADE for you! In this episode, former stylist to the stars, Trish Taylor, talks about using style as a tool to stand out and feel like the best version of yourself, in your current body (**and not waiting on the weight to do ANY of that!!). Trish digs into owning your story RIGHT NOW and showing up as the woman your ideal customers desperately want to connect with. 

The key takeaways from this episode:

You are worthy

  • People tend to leave their clothing as the last thing to worry about.

  • Waiting to get back to where we were a couple of years ago so that we could wear those clothes again.

  • You’re worthy right now to feel good in your clothing and don’t have to wait until your business has momentum, or until you lose those 10-15 lbs.

Plan your content

  • Batch visual content for social posts. Batch create outfits, photos and copy so then all you have to do is put it together.

  • Dress the body you have right now.

  • Wear colors that are consistent with your branding and find a neutral background.

  • People stop to read your caption after you draw them in with a photo.

Shop online

  • You can choose exactly what you are looking for without.

  • Shop at stores that have great return policies and order things that maybe you wouldn't have necessarily tried because now you're getting the items in the comfort of your own home.

  • You can control the experience and have a friend over, play music, drink bubbly, etc.

  • Order two sizes if you are unsure and wear them around the house and return the one you don’t feel comfortable in.

Trish’s favorite stores with the best return policies

  • Nordstrom has good denim and a great return policy.

  • Lulu’s has a good selection of trendy clothes.

  • Asos has trendier pieces.

  • Spiritual Gangster is good for athletes.

  • Madewell is more casual and has a good return policy.

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