Finding Yourself When You’re Lost In The (*Mother) Hood With Bria Evenson



Feeling lost in the motherhood? Overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a mom? And losing yourself in the process? Bria Evenson is a beacon of hope for all moms and entrepreneurs out there. In this episode, Bria shares how she found herself after becoming a mom and learned success in her business started by taking care of herself. She shares how she found her voice when she got clear on what she wanted in life and how you can do that same. You won’t want to miss this one! 

The key takeaways from this episode:

What it’s like to be a new mom with 2 children

  • Losing yourself while having babies and how to find yourself again.
  • The martyr syndrome-- I can't do anything because I have to do all these things for other people.

Show up for yourself

  • Choose three times a week to set aside to realign with yourself.

Deciding which path to take

  • “I'm just looking for the people who are looking for me.”
  • Take constructive criticism as a compliment.
  • Work on yourself first then it’s easier to not care what other people think.

Handling resistance

  • If you think something’s the right thing but your body’s resisting write it down and say it out loud.
  • FInd out where in your past the resistance is coming from.

Do the most uncomfortable or high impact things first

  • Your subconscious is more susceptible first thing in the morning.
  • Then, the rest of the day is easy once the hardest thing is done.

Take charge of your freedom and flexibility

  • Have a personal develop or mindset building practice in place.
  • All business requires consistency.
  • Take care of the biggest rocks first. 

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