Are The People You Love Holding You Back? Here’s What To Do About It.



Do you feel like you allow those around you to hold you back? Are you not sure which advice to follow and whether or not you’re making the right choices? I’ve been there and done that! It can be so hard to make the “right decisions” when it seems like those around you have a different idea of how you should be doing things. In this episode, I talk to you about moving forward towards your goals confidently and when the advice may or may not be in your best interest. 

In this episode, Ashley talks about how to not only manage your voice and thoughts but also manage the voices and thoughts of those that surround you. Advice, even given with the best of intentions isn’t always meant to be taken. You are going to learn the steps you need to take to get rid of any limiting beliefs you have right now and also differentiate between advice that could benefit you and advice that probably doesn’t apply to you at all. Take back your power today!

Key takeaways from this episode:

-We have a set of circumstances and people that surround us that either push us towards our goals or hold us back.

-The people in your life that might be holding you back still love you and are trying to keep you safe. The unknown is dangerous. 

-All of the truths and things we believe are a product of that filter we were given as children. 

-3 Questions To Think About When Taking Advice From Those Around You

•Do they have the same goals?

•Do they have the same values?

•Have they achieved what you want to achieve? 

-You become the average of the people you spend the most time with. 

-Get conscious about limiting beliefs and thoughts that may be programmed in our minds. Otherwise, they can disrupt you from making real progress. Mindset Matters.

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