Heartbreak + Rainbows: My Pregnancy Journey




This episode is all about heartbreak & rainbows. It’s messy & raw and a very real in-depth piece of my journey. In this episode, I share my experiences to give a voice to anybody going through something like this. There needs to be more room to talk about these things and it starts with sharing our stories. 

In this episode, Ashley goes into detail about pregnancy and the struggles she and the women before her have faced in their journeys with having children. The pure strength and love it takes to overcome so much loss and pain and how Ashley finally found a way not over it but through it. If one person is listening to this episode and it makes them think about this topic differently than that’s what it’s really about today.

Sharing your story is the first step to healing and moving forward. 

The key takeaways from this episode:

One way to bring value to a podcast audience 

  • Episodes that shift and pivot your life. Stories that make one rethink their own life. 

It’s too important not to share our stories because they connect us. 

Don’t give up hope. At the end of heartbreak will eventually come your rainbow.

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