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Do you still feel afraid to put yourself out there on social media? Are you struggling to attract people that want to work the business? Ashley shows us the importance of building relationships at every opportunity and how that can in turn build your business. Her biggest secret isn’t that you need to be the best seller or recruiter, it’s being a great listener!

In this episode, Ashley interviews Ashley Wilhelm, a language arts teacher that transitioned into the social selling space, and with those skills from her years of teaching, she’s built a successful 6 figure business and growing team. Ashley gives us detailed insight into how she has scaled her business to 200K in sales a month and created an incredible team culture that grows by the day. Stop trying to rush the journey, building a business based on real relationships and trust takes time.

The key takeaways from this episode:

-Mindset is a constant work in progress. It will either keep you moving forward or hold you back. 

-Ditch the fear of failure. Failures are meant to teach us.

-Build a team culture by loving people where they're at, helping them towards their goals, & creating a fun environment. 

-Scale your Business

  • Fearlessly share

  • Building a strong team culture 

  • Remember your true “Why”

-Attract people to your business 

  • Get out there & not only talk but really listen to people. Be social with those around you, pick your face-up from your phone. 

  • Share content that relates you to your audience. 

  • Build a connection. People will remember most the way you made them feel. 

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