Lindsey Tronolone On The Right Way To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business



Are you trying to grow your business online but don’t want to come across as spammy? Struggling to figure out how to attract your tribe? This is the episode for you! Lindsey Tronolone is going to go in depth about all the ins and outs of growing your business by using social media & how to use Attraction Marketing to stand out, but in a good way! 

In this episode, Ashley interviews CBD CEO & Founder of Social CEO Lindsey Tronolone. Lindsey took the plunge and started a network marketing business 2.5 years ago. She’s also an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry! Today we are going to dive deep into why social media is the easiest & fastest way to get your business up and running and how to increase your impact today! 

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • It’s not all about the product, it’s about you! Sharing your story, obstacles you overcome, pain points and intertwining your business into that story in a way that takes people on the journey with you. 
  • Authenticity is key. People are attracted to that & will fall in love with you, learn to like you, get to know you & trust you. Then ultimately they will buy from you if your product fits their needs. 
  • If you want to grow quickly you have to connect with people but there’s a way to do it without being spammy. 
  • Simplify the process in 2-3 steps & ask specific questions so you know exactly how to move forward with every single person you recruit. 
  • You can earn a full time paycheck from your smartphone if you're willing to put in the hard work. 

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