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In this episode, Ashley and Lianne Kim talk about positivity during a pandemic and how to pivot in a way that serves your audience. The episode is full of tidbits that will encourage you to continue on in your business and to keep selling during a crisis. Get ready for a breath of fresh air!

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • There are many positive impacts that COVID 19 has had on entrepreneurs.
  • Pivot based on what your audience tells you that they need. Practice social listening and respond based on what your audience needs.
  • Keep  showing up. There's no reason to stop selling unless you are a brick and mortar or someone who has to be seeing clients in close proximity and can't.
  • Now is the best time to create a course. Everyone is sitting on something that they can launch into the world.
  • Know where to say “no” to things and stay within your wheelhouse.

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