Cracking The Instagram Code With Whitney Eckis



In this episode, Ashley interviews the founder of Eckis Marketing, Whitney Eckis! She has worked with a ton of top brands like Soul Cycle, Marriott, Hilton, Red Bull, RX Bar, and Kendra Scott, just to name a few. Listen in to learn about influencer marketing and if it’s for you. Whitney also goes into how to grow your following and how to connect with the audience that you have. 

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • Influencer marketing is when somebody that has a substantial amount of clout, whether that's on social media or on other platforms, markets your brand as an ambassador for your brand in exchange for products or payment.
  • To work with an influencer marketer you first have to establish what your niche is and what the variations are that set your product apart from the others. Then, you need to establish the type of person you will align with who might have the follower base who would purchase your product.
  • To attract followers you have to offer your audience some sort of value. From there you need to be clear on who exactly you want to be following you. 
  • It's important to be strategic and spend your time on the social media platform that's going to result in a sale for you.

Links & Resources: 

Instagram: @whitney.eckis, @whitney.eckis
Facebook: @eckismarketing

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