How To Respond With Grace, Love and Surrender With Kim Fitzpatrick



In this episode, we talk to Kim Fitzpatrick, a gerontologist turned entrepreneur. She now has two businesses and two kids. We go into finding the silver lining during the pandemic and how we can take this time to find out if our job really is our passion and how this is a time to dive into some passions that might’ve been on the backburner. Listen in for a slew of awesome nuggets from Kim!

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • Things happen for us, not to us.

  • You have to grow personally and professionally. If you are not growing personally, your business will never grow.

  • You need to know what you love because a lot of people latch onto things because they think it might work or it's a quick fix and they actually aren't following their passion. Unpack whether or not you're loving the job you're in.

  • Get clear. Remember that in a crisis is when your true self is revealed and you can see that you always were that strong person. You always have been capable and wildly capable, but you have to believe that enough.

  • When you wake up with the world, the world gets you first. Go to bed just 10 minutes earlier so you can wake up 10 minutes earlier.

  • Don't prejudge. Share. Connect. Show up as the person you are and most of all be a human first. Test the waters with how they really are feeling as a human and just send them love. 

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