How To Connect To Your Ideal Customers Like Adrienne Brainard Does



Adrienne Brainard is a celebrity in the Beachbody coaching world. She went on a journey and lost 122 pounds! She has literally cut her bodyweight in half. She has now been a Beachbody coach for the past 3 and a half years and although she has an engineering degree, she doesn’t use it. Listen in for her story and the importance of just getting started. We also go into the processes involved in selling on social media and why you need to have an email list. Enjoy!

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • No matter what, just start. You don’t need to have any equipment to start working out or to wait until a challenge starts. Just get started and stay consistent.
  • Take people on a journey and it will help you attract the people that want to be where you are now. Remember that people are watching you even if they don’t acknowledge you.
  • There is a process to selling on social media. Your ideal audience has to watch you and get to know who you are before they become interested. It could take them a year or two before they decide to buy.

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Facebook: @AdrienneBrainard

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