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Fun fact: You don’t need a team to be successful. If you feel overwhelmed on your own and unsure of what you should be focusing on, you might need a little bit of clarity and a plan, not a virtual assistant. In this episode, Brandi Watts Mowles shares how she was able to scale her business on her own by identifying her target market, niching down, acknowledging her core values, and getting clear with who she was speaking to. This is a MUST LISTEN.

The four buckets of Scale with Simplicity:

  • Niche down and decide who you are going to serve. Refer back to your own experiences and hone in on people who might be in the position you once were.

  • Have systems in place for scalability.  Automate as much as possible and find programs online such as AIrtable that make it possible for you to run a lean business.

  • Spend time in your marketing minutes. The majority of your time should be spent in active marketing by responding to job ops and making sales calls.

  • Elevate your brand and your services. Spend time getting visible, going on podcasts, creating t shirts, etc. This is the time when you make your brand recognizable.

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