From Gym Office Cubicle To Laptop Lifestyle: How Laura Poburan Did It (*Adult Language Included*)



Feel like your feet are stuck in quicksand and every time you move, you sink just a little bit further? This episode of Social Selling Simplified will help you get unstuck and clear the fog that seems to follow you around.

Lifestyle entrepreneur and business coach, Laura Poburan freed herself from being $100K in debt and jumped into her superpower and now helps others do the same. In this episode, Laura and Ashley discuss making pivotal life shifts and the importance of listening to your gut.

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • Laura tells her story and the pivotal moments that led to big changes even though they were difficult to make.
  • .Have authentic conversations with your ideal audience. Laura messaged her audience through DM but if you don’t want to do that, choose a different way to reach them.
  • Our superpowers are hidden in what we perceive to be our weaknesses or flaws. We have to do gut checks and see if we’re doing what we really want to do be doing right now.
  • Happiness is a path. Entrepreneurs have a constant need to grow so it’s important to stop and ask yourself “what’s guiding me?” and “will this fulfill me?”

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