Your #1 Job?: Selling Yourself First With Josh Coats (*Adult Language Included*)



Raise your hand if you’ve ever doubted yourself; you’ve had those times when you felt that you’re not enough. If you’re ready to finally kick those feelings to the curb and become the best version of yourself, you are going to LOVE this episode. 

Social Selling Simplified guest, Josh Coats is diving deep into how you can become a successful leader by following the consistency, intensity, worth, and time principle. He is breaking down the "Because" affirmation that will help you get out of your self-limiting beliefs and become the best that you can be!

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • Josh’s story leading up to where he is now was a winding, bumpy road. Everyone cannot follow the same mold and needs to create ways that work for them.

  • The biggest belief that is holding people back is that they don’t believe they are enough but they don’t know how to fix it.

  • Positive affirmations are pointless if you are not emotionally connected to them. Josh discusses how we need to find out what the logical reason is for our belief systems.

  • Your problems don’t disappear as you grow your business. You just have a new set of problems and you have to learn to work through them to grow.

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