Sneaky Mindsets (The Secret Death to your Biz!!)



Do you struggle with sneaky mindsets that pop up and try to derail you from your goals in life and business?

Your brain is like a computer system and it’s constantly processing your thoughts and framing them as truths or beliefs. Oftentimes, the beliefs you hold in your mind are false and ultimately are the sneaky mindsets that kill your business. 

These sneaky mindsets creep in because of our past experiences and resistance that we feel. 

However, we have the power to train our brain to believe these negative mindsets or ignore them and believe the truths instead. 

The key differences I’ve found in my mindset around The Fitness Leader Institute as opposed to my other business ventures is the conviction and belief in what we’re doing and the passion behind the process.

It all comes back to our beliefs about what we’re doing and our confidence that we’re adding value. 

In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into what these common sneaky mindsets are and how you can truly reframe them and overcome your limiting beliefs by honing in on your sweet spot, values, and what you have to offer.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • What is a belief vs. what is truth
  • How your mind is like a computer system and how to reprogram it
  • Common sneaky mindsets
  • Abundance comes when you lean into your sweet spot and values
  • Everything you want is on the other side of belief
  • Be aware of what you’re telling yourself and that it may not be truth

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