Should You Start A Podcast? With Melissa Guller



Have you been curious about podcasting and wondering if maybe you should start your own podcast?

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Melissa Guller, an expert on profitable podcasting. She’s produced multiple podcasts and is a true wealth of knowledge when it comes to growing a successful podcast career.

Melissa saw that podcasting could be the perfect way to marry her podcast producing background, her teaching skills, and digital marketing experience and now teaches others how to launch and grow successful podcasts themselves.

It is truly the best time to start a new podcast because of the huge boom in podcast listening, the easy-to-use technology, and the fact that you can start a podcast on absolutely anything. 

While some people may think the podcast market is saturated, it isn’t. You will address things differently than others and offer a unique value and perspective that no one else has. 

Melissa shared that there are 2 great strategies for starting a new podcast. 

If you already have an established business, social media, or are known for something, it makes sense to build on what you already have by starting a podcast. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have an audience already, a podcast can help you determine what resonates with people and develop your brand and business.

Keep in mind what people are searching for, what problems they want solved, and use that to help you create your content and podcast episodes.  

We don’t have to overcomplicate it, because a lot of the strategies we’re already using to build our business can be used to grow a podcast.  

The great thing about podcast content is that it is evergreen and can be used anytime. You can also take your podcast content and repurpose it into several pieces of content, from social media posts and Reels to blogs and emails. This continuously adds value to your audience and drives listeners to your podcast.

When it comes to SEO, the whole purpose is to put the best content in front of the searcher. Melissa recommends choosing a basic keyword tool to help you find the right keywords.

Analytics are an integral part of podcasting as well. Pay attention to your downloads over time and your individual episode analytics. Remember, the podcast ranking charts are a sign of growth but they don’t influence your growth.

To help monetize your podcast, Melissa also dives into her best strategies for promoting either free or paid offers. Keep your pitch short, sweet, and be sure to give the listener only one call to action per episode.

Last but not least, have fun with podcasting and focus on making real connections with others in this space. Connect with others that also podcast, that you may want to interview on your show, and the listeners.

This episode is jam-packed with tips, best practices, and wisdom, so be sure to give it a listen.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • How the online business and marketing world opens up the podcast door.
  • What topics you can start a podcast on. 
  • Why starting a podcast now is easier than ever. 
  • 2 strategies for starting a new podcast. 
  • How to get more listeners on your podcast. 
  • The power of evergreen content and repurposing content. 
  • Melissa’s best SEO tips. 
  • Which analytics you should actually pay attention to. 
  • Why you should only have one call to action per podcast episode. 

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