Removing Your Mind Drama So You Can Create Massive Results with Emily Feairs



Removing Your Mind Drama So You Can Create Massive Results with Emily Feairs

Do you need to learn how to manage your mind so your thoughts stop holding you back from your goals?

In this episode, I am joined by Emily Feairs, and we are digging into how to remove mind drama.

Emily Feairs is a leading coach for women who want a career and life they love. Through a combination of her training as a coach, her background in psychology, and her direct experience in the working world, she has developed a simple and straightforward way to help women, just like you, excel in their careers and redefine their work so they can ditch the stress, the doubt, and the constant feeling of overwhelm and step into being the leaders they truly are (oh, and get paid like one, too!).

This episode is going to help you so much if you are really looking to kick it up this year and get to where you have dreamed of going in your business.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Understand how to remove mind drama
  • Steps to clear your mind and reduce mind overwhelm
  • How to get out of a negative cycle
  • The importance of having grace for yourself 
  • How to define where you want to go in your business
  • What you actually need to do to achieve your goals
  • How to break down your habits and goals
  • Examples of what successful people do on a daily basis

I really hope this episode with Emily helps you understand what you really need to do to connect your goal and also how to get your mind in shape to help you get there!

Remember, keep showing up for yourself!

Resources Mentioned:

The Ultimate Goal Guide

Instagram: Emily Feairs

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