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Not enough time to work your business? Overwhelmed with your day job? Mama of littles and not sure how to fit in your business and raise a family? Then you’ll totally relate to this episode! Audrey Quinalty (hairstylist, mom, and 6 figure earner) talks about how she uses 10 hours a week to work her business. Yep! That’s it!! Her secrets? You’ll have to listen to find out!!

The key takeaways from this episode:

Audrey is a platinum executive director with a social selling beauty company. She joined the company only a year and a half ago but she became number one in the company for recruiting and bringing in directors.

The timing may not always be right.

  • The timing may not always be right for you to get into social selling. It could take a year of planning before you are ready to get into it. 
  • Audrey finds pockets of time throughout the day to get her to-do list done.
  • She says that even though you are working for yourself you still have to treat it like a part-time job and put in the hours. You have to be efficient with that time though so you can’t be scrolling on social media and you need to be dialed in.

Connect with people.

  • Make a conscious effort to connect with people on social media. 
  • Use Messenger and send messages to 50 people per day. 
  • Search hashtags related to your brand reach out to people who are also interested in it. 
  • Use social media as a get-to-know-me platform.

How to handle ghosting.

  • You need to hear a million no’s to get used to it and accept that it’s not right for everyone. Let them know you’re here if they change their mind and move on. 
  • Make a goal to get 100 no’s per day instead of 25 leads. No means they’re not ready and need to watch you for a little longer.

Get out of your comfort zone.

  • You have to get out of your comfort zone. You will feel proud when you do something you are not comfortable with. Audrey reverse engineers it by imagining herself at 90 and thinking when she looks back if she will be happy she did that.

Find a running buddy. 

  • Hold each other accountable and push each other to keep working in the business.

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