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Have you ever wished you could just know what’s in store for your future and have guidance on how to reach your goals and most fulfilling life?

In this episode, I’m joined by Tracy Reese, a marketing professor, intuitive, and psychic for business. She’s been in the entrepreneurial space for 20 years.

Tracy shares with us what she has learned about readings and how they can give clarity on long standing issues and long term planning. Before starting our LIVE psychic business reading, she shares that we must rely on our intuition to make good decisions, because your gut will always lead you in the right direction.

In our previous reading last year, Tracy saw a cloud expanding. She felt pressure on her body throughout the reading, which stands for expansion.

In today’s reading, we dive further into my 4 questions for Tracy as she pulls the cards, connects to the spirits, and gives me the guidance and answers I’ve been seeking.

My 4 questions for Tracy in this LIVE reading are:

Question #1

What do I need to do to exponentially grow my business and help more people?

Question #2

How do I bring creativity back into my life?

Question #3

Where are we going next in terms of my personal life and starting a new business?

Question #4

How do I get this clear vision for the future back without feeling like I cannot fail?

After the reading, I felt so validated that we are doing the right things in our business and are focused in the right areas. Personally, I also realized that I’ve got a lot on my plate that I need to deal with right now as we look forward as a family.

These psychic business readings are a great way to have an outside perspective as to what you should consider and look for in your future.

I hope you enjoyed this episode and this LIVE reading with Tracy!

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • What readings can do for you.
  • Why you need to rely on your intuition.
  • What the spirit guides said about me
  • Tracy’s live readings on my top 4 questions. 
  • How this reading validated everything we are currently doing. 
  • My biggest realizations from this reading. 

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