Looking for a Sign to Quit Your 9-5? It’s Right Here.



Are you looking for signs to tell you when it’s time to quit your 9-5? 

What even are the signs you should be looking for that let you know that it’s time to leave your 9-5 and pursue your business full time?

In this episode, I’m sharing my real-life story of going from part-timer at the gym to president of a fitness company to successful 7-figure online entrepreneur. 

I remember feeling like working in the corporate world was holding me back from my passions of travel and I felt my creativity slipping away. After taking some time to be alone with my thoughts and working with a business coach, I found what brought my soul happiness again. I reconnected with who I was outside of work and finally got my sign that it was time to say goodbye to my 9-5 and start The Fitness Leader Institute and start helping other women grow successful coaching businesses. 

What I learned through this process was the power of being in alignment with your passions and having no option B. You’re never going to feel 100% ready, but you have to set a standard for yourself that failure is not an option. 

So if you’re looking for a sign to quit your 9-5, look at your conviction. Do you have an option B, or are you committed to making option A your only option for success?

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • What signs to look for to know its time to quit your 9-5
  • The importance of creativity and being in alignment with yourself
  • Finding your soul’s purpose in life
  • Connecting with who you are outside of work brings so much clarity
  • Having no option B and going all in with conviction with option A
  • Going all in even if you don’t feel ready
  • Live up to the standard that failure is not an option
  • Getting clear on what your dream business looks like

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