Being A Quitter & My Own Guru



Being a quitter

I struggled for years online…thinking about quitting all of the time.

It was one particular night when I was making a scarf tutorial at our home in Brookside, Nova Scotia when I got into a fight with my husband. He was recording the video and I was the “model-esque” and I had no idea how to tie a scarf nor why I had to make videos.  I was trying to learn how to do this one specific scarf knot and then demonstrate it in the video but nothing seemed to go right and it looked stupid on camera. It felt awful.

I was overwhelmed. It didn’t come naturally. I never wore scarves before these videos and now I had to pretend I was an expert and my husband was there catching every awkward second on film. I hated it. I didn’t care about the product, about what it meant to me and the work felt meaningless.

I couldn’t put the work in that I needed to or the passion for that matter. It didn’t match every fiber of my soul and I felt like a phony and a fake.

Then there was Mai-Tai. 

She WAS a scarf expert and we wanted to partner with her because she knew how to tie a Hermes scarf 101 different ways and she had a ton of followers.  We partnered with her for a period of time which worked for a while but then she ended up contacting our suppliers and making her own scarf rings. We were just middlemen. She didn’t need us.

At the time, I was crushed. How could she? But the reality was, I was a fraud. I wasn’t bringing any value to the table and I didn’t have an audience that came to me because of a special gift I was giving. She did.

Looking back now, I can see the writing on the wall. I wasn’t a magical unicorn as a scarf videographer …I was a basic girl trying to make scarf tutorials.

So I quit.

And I never looked back. I didn’t know WHO I was talking to, what my MESSAGE was or why people should even give a shit. My engagement was falling flat and for good reason – I wouldn’t have even watched my videos. I wasn’t a scarf expert like I was pretending to be.

I was playing in a sea of sameness and disappearing into the background. As soon as someone came along that could do it better, I was out.

Thinking about that moment, I relive the uncomfortableness, the awkwardness, the hope that someone pays attention to what I had to say and I can, with certainty tell you, my life has drastically changed since that day.

I’m no longer unsure about WHAT my message is, WHO I’m talking to or HOW to get people to pay attention. And this CLARITY has made it easy to STAND out, ATTRACT my tribe and enabled me to DOUBLE my income within a year. I dug deep to find out who I was, why my story mattered and how I could tell people my story so they could trust I was the fit right for them. I became my own guru.

If you’re looking for sign that you have MORE potential in your online business, THIS IS IT.  Digging into who you are is the formula for enormous growth in your business.

You’re a magical unicorn and YOUR tribe is desperate to hear from you. I know this because I FOUND mine. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t lollipops and rainbows to get there but it was worth every second to FINALLY find my VOICE. From that moment, everything else has been CLEAR & INTENTIONAL.

Everything you need is within you to be successful but you have to know where to look. “Ask the right questions if you’re going to find the right answers.” – Vanessa Redgrave


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