How To: Setting Up Mailchimp



Here are the key resources you will want for Mailchimp & then click the MONKEY below to get started!

  1.  Getting Started – How to get your Mailchimp set up
  2.  How To Add A Sign-Up Form
  3. Creating A Welcome Email  – This is where you can set-up your first email to send automatically. You can include a link to your lead magnet so they get a copy of that when they subscribe. If you are sending out a lead magnet {which is much more appealing than just signing up for a newsletter}, you will want to ensure your form specifies that when you build it.
  4. Building An Email Series – You can build out a series of 5 to 10 emails where each one is sent automatically. This is an advanced option or you can just send an email to your group every week. You would include valuable and educational content to establish yourself as a resource.

That should be a great start off point to get going with your email marketing going! Click the MONKEY to GET STARTED!

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