How To Get Over The Fear Of Rejection With Roma Bajaj Kohli



Are you letting your fears hold you back in business & your everyday life? Do you try to push your fears deep down instead of figuring out why they are there, to begin with? Roma is talking all about fear & rejection and how to fully embrace both so that you can finally reach your full potential. It’s time to get to the depths of who you truly are! 

In this episode, Ashley interviews Roma Bajaj Kohli, Founder of the Awakened Mind Method, a transformational program focused on leadership, mastering your mind, owning your true power, and awakening one's innate intelligence. Roma tells us all about her own experiences with fear and rejection and how she was able to embrace it and figure out the message hidden inside of the fears for herself and her clients. Stop resisting those feelings of fear and embrace them, awareness and understanding are the first steps to being your most authentic self and reaching your true potential! 

The key takeaways from this episode:

-Embrace the fear and figure out the message it’s trying to show you

-Stop and pause to figure out where the fear is coming from

-Fear can manifest as anger and frustration

•Understand your love language

•What reminds us of that feeling of love 

-Where attention and awareness goes is up to us. It’s a constant choice.

-Breathwork and Meditation are effective tools when experiencing fear

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Facebook: Roma Bajaj Kohli


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