How to Find Synergy in Your Marketing Efforts through Science with Bill Durrant



How to Find Synergy in Your Marketing Efforts through Science with Bill Durrant

Have you ever thought about how science plays a part in marketing?

In this episode, I am joined by Bill Durrant, and we are digging into the layers of marketing and how growth comes more often from science and not just trial and error.

After starting his career in 2001 as a digital consultant to Fox/MGM in Sydney, Australia, Bill moved to Los Angeles where he worked in media planning and strategy for some of the country's best known brands like Wells Fargo and Nestle. 


In 2011, after a phone call from CLIF Bar, Bill founded and still leads the fastest growing full-service media agency in the world + an AdAge Small Agency of the Year, Exverus Media. Exverus empowers growth-stage, culture creating brands through data, creativity and insight-driven media planning. In short, he gets to develop creative media ideas and grow brands he believes in.


Bill and his team have won a number of awards, including AdAge Silver Small Agency of the Year: Media, AdWeek's Media Plan of the Year, a CLIO, OMMAs, YouTube Ad of the Year and more through a relentless focus on helping his clients reach the next stage in their growth.

The idea that marketing is not one dimensional and should have layers in order to be effective is so interesting, and Bill does such a good job breaking that idea down in this episode.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Performance marketing versus awareness marketing
  • Why your marketing efforts have to work together to be the most effective
  • The benefit of data
  • The challenge of the trial and error approach
  • Key things to think about when you put together a holistic strategy
  • Why your marketing strategy should have layers to be effective
  • Combining tactics and different approaches to create better results 
  • Funnels versus flywheels

I love that Bill talks about the importance of getting grounded in a marketing plan but also seeing a vision for the future.  This idea allows brands to move the needle today and prepare for what is next no matter their size.

I really hope you start to think about your marketing strategy more holistically after listening to this episode, and start to take into consideration how science plays a part in that strategy!

Resources Mentioned:

Bill’s Book: Digital Stone Age

Exverus on Instagram: @exverus

Exverus on Facebook: @exverusmedia

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