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Do you want to know how to build a solid personal brand that attracts and speaks to your ideal customers?

In this episode, I’m chatting with Monique Bryan, a personal branding genius with a B.A. in Fashion Design. She has worked with multiple businesses and knows a ton about entrepreneurship.

From the age of 9 years old, Monique knew exactly what she wanted to do as a fashion designer. She studied in London during university, which truly helped her own her talents.

Monique shares about the importance of branding and using that to guide your messaging. Everyone has a brand, whether they are cultivating it or not

When you establish your brand, you get clear on who you are, how you serve, what problems you solve, and can then find people to work with that align with your values and beliefs.

Without a brand, you risk not cultivating the message you want to portray, so it’s important to establish your brand, own your lane, stay in it, and become known in it

By using your unique talents, passions, and story to drive your brand, you can be sure that you’re always connected to your deeper purpose.

Monique offered several great tips for building your personal brand

Tip #1

Clean up your digital house

Tip #2

Make a powerful first impression

Tip #3

Use a great headshot

Tip #4

Show up on video

Tip #5

Build a network of thought partners

Tip #6

Make it super simple for others to understand what you do and how you serve

This episode is full of spunk branding tips that I can’t wait for you to apply in your own business

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The importance of having a personal brand. 
  • How your brand affects your messaging.
  • The process of determining your personal brand.
  • How your values and beliefs fit into your brand.
  • Why you need to own your lane and stay in it.
  • Tips for building your personal brand. 
  • How your brand can help you land your ideal customers who share your values.
  • The power of your story.

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