How to Become More Creative with Tara Roskell and Sandra Busby



How to Become More Creative with Tara Roskell and Sandra Busby

Do you know the secret to creativity?

In this episode, I am joined by Tara Roskell and Sandra Busby from Kick in the Creatives, and we are talking all about how to become more creative.

Kick in the Creatives is a website, Podcast and Facebook Group launched in January 2018 to help people build a creative habit by taking part in creative challenges. It was co-created by Graphic Designer and Artist Tara Roskell and Artist Sandra Busby.

Sandra is a largely self-taught artist, who started drawing and painting in her early 30’s. She abandoned the traditional path of an open art school just a few months in as she felt stifled by the modern way of teaching. She decided to teach herself the classical techniques which are no longer taught in most art schools. Fifteen years on and her work hangs in private collections around the world.


Tara has been a freelance graphic designer for over 20 years although she originally wanted to be an artist. Over the years, her job killed her love for drawing as the digital work took over. Her spark for drawing with a pencil was finally re-ignited when she met Sandra. She's been developing her skills ever since. She also recently set herself a 60-day challenge to find her art style.

This episode is all about creating your own rules for your work, whether it is through art or writing and allowing for imperfections. Tara and Sandy do such a good job breaking all of this down on this week's episode. 

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The secret to creativity
  • Why you don’t always have to follow the advice of others
  • The importance of rejecting opinions that don’t align with your creativity
  • How imperfections make your art perfect
  • How to find your own style
  • Why creative challenges are helpful for habit building
  • The benefit of experimenting to improve your skills
  • The four levels of consciousness to drive creative learning

I love that Tara, Sandy, and I talk so much in this episode about not worrying about our creative mistakes. It is so important to be creative in a way that brings you joy because you will be so much happier with what you have created in the end.

I really hope this episode makes you eager to take on creative challenges and improve your skills!  Becoming more creative can have a positive impact on so many areas in your life and business. 

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