Have You Ever Done It?



Have you ever DONE IT?
You know? IT?
Like when you thought no one was watching?
You took your clothes off…
And muttered those words?

“I’m disgusting…I need to lose 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 80, 100, 150 pounds…And before you did, you looked around and thought no one was watching.

No small ears to hear those words in that exact moment…


What you don’t see is the lasting impression they leave…

You repeat this to yourself over and over and over…legit over 1 million times (cause humans think 60,000 thoughts per day & 75% of them are negative)…

In your head…

Out loud…

And wait….

Maybe it’s not exactly those words but it’s all over your face when you’re in the fitting room trying on clothes and the look of shame and disappointment is all across your face because nothing FEELS good and your daughter looks up and sees those tears rolling down your cheeks as you quickly wipe them away…

Oh and when you talk about other skinny moms and how they’re not so perfect after all…how “she doesn’t have to work for that body she has”….She’s within earshot and is learning how to think about women and how they can have “perfect” bodies or “imperfect bodies” and then looking at her own body and thinking about the other girls at school and how she stacks up…

Oh..And I remember this one…when you said you can’t have cake at my 6th birthday party…I mean…how can you not like ice cream cake? I picked your favourite one? That cookies and cream one with all the cookie bits? I love ice cream cake and I thought I picked the one you like too and then I heard you say you couldn’t have any….

So I learned to turn away cake too because who likes cookie and cream anyways?


Watch your words and your thoughts because someday they will become mine.


Your Daughter

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Ashley Shaw

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