Give your people C.R.A.P. if you want great employee retention



Employee Retention

Do you want to have loyal employees? And keep them?

Then give them C.R.A.P. It stands for Caring, Respect, Appreciation, and Praise. Here is what I mean.

Caring – People will know if you are sincere about them or not. It’s hard to fake this one. There’s a certain “feeling” that tells them if you’re real or not. They want their leaders to stick by them during the tough times and be able to lend an ear when they need someone to listen. If you don’t attend to them when they need you, chances of them coming back to you for help in the future will drop considerably.

Respect – Having respect for your people is wanting the best for them. Micromanaging is just the opposite. When you micromanage people it shows a kind of disrespect you have for them. It tells them that you don’t trust or have faith in them. It is also one of the big reasons why people quit their jobs.

Appreciation – Half of the people in the workforce don’t feel appreciated. Saying “thanks” to people in the workforce isn’t hard. How do you expect to get the most out of people if they don’t hear you telling them when they do the right thing? With no sense of appreciation, people tend to have low motivation to come to work. Give some appreciation. It goes a long way.

Praise – Praise kicks appreciation up a notch. People want to know if they did well and exceeded expectations. They want to know if they made a big difference and did something great. Make sure you praise people for something they did very well and not just for coming to work.

Give people C.R.A.P. It’s simple.

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