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What’s the hardest part of building a business for you? Is it reaching out to people? Building the right relationships? Getting yourself out there more? All of these are valid struggles we all have faced. Karissa talks to us about how she was once right there, at the beginning, trying to figure out all the things while simultaneously navigating through the negative opinions about what she was doing. Listen to someone who has gone through all the trials and errors of building an online business & learn what she did to be successful as she tells us how to confidently move forward and create the work-life balance we desire for ourselves.

In today’s episode, Ashley interviews Karissa Williams, Certified Life, Health & Mastery Coach through Health Coach Institute. She is also a motivational speaker, certified personal trainer, and a HIIT and Group X Instructor through NAFTA. Karissa shares with us how what started as a desire to live a healthier more fulfilling life after hitting rock bottom turned into a full-time job helping others do the same. She left a stable 6 figure career to step into her role of helping others love themselves and achieve their own goals while finding that work-life balance we all crave. 

The key takeaways from this episode:

•Change happens the moment you decide you want it to happen.

•Motivation doesn’t last. Hit reset. Realign with your Why and Vision and get back on track. 

•Network Market by being a relationship builder first. Put yourself out there, be real, authentic, and yourself. 

-Don’t hold back, share your story regularly, it’s what connects you and makes you relatable

•We have to have boundaries with ourselves and those around us. 

-Be who you are and know what you want. Confidently make decisions for yourself not based on outside opinions. Tune out the bs of the world and tune into your heart.

•If your heart is full of an abundance mindset you can’t also be full of the scarcity mindset. 

•Stop trying to appeal to everyone. Find your niche and tribe and put your all into that.

-Identify where “your people” hang out virtually and  in the real world

-Find people you can partner up with

Look 1-2 steps before they would need you and build a network around that

•Don’t just say it and sell it. Be a living example. Practice what you preach.

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karissawilliams

Instagram: @365.daily.hustle 

Website: https://365dailyhustle.com

Book: Women Who Boss Up PreOrder on website

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