The Done For You Email Marketing Series

$39 For 4 Done For You Emails 


  • Includes 4 emails that layer your sales strategy so you're moving your leads down the funnel, overcoming objections, and getting your leads to make a purchase.

  • Takes the GUESSWORK out of what to write to, coming up with email subject lines and getting your customers to know, like & trust you.

  • Establishes you as the expert and provides TONS OF VALUE including easy recipes, mindset mantras, workout moves & weaves in the latest Beachbody offering (all through persuasive copy-writing).

Let's Be Real...

Writing emails is a huggggge time suck. And if you're trying to build likability, trust & rapport as well as priming your audience to be ready-to-buy customers, this is an essential part of running your Email list but can be enough to overwhelm even the most saaaaaavy fitness coach.

These 4 email templates can be used to frame every email, keeping them the exact same or put your own spin on them.

Consider me the Done For You Queen (that's what DFY stands for!) and watch your life get a heck of a lot easier when your emails are handled by a pro and done for you!

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