DFY Posting Plans

30-Day DFY 10 Rounds Posting Plan

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Discuss your before, your NEW WORKOUT (10 Rounds) and the after! Be specific about the key reasons why your ideal customer will LOVE IT (as if they are your own). It's key to know the reasons why this workout will appeal specifically to your ideal customer.  Time-saver? A new challenge? Kick-boxing fan? Talk about the benefits that actually matter to them & then have a call to action. Use a personal photo!

See how it's done….


I’ve never been a GYM EVERY DAY FOR 2 HOURS kinda gal.  I’m the type to hit it hard and fast and make the time count!! (I ain’t got time for extras!!)

I’d never tried boxing workouts before this, but I’m in LOVE and here’s why ❤️

???? Every second counts during each workout (* NO WASTED time here!)

???? Combines technique, repetition and intensity for a TOTAL body workout!! 

????30-40 minutes is all it takes (**no hour-long unrealistic workouts this summer - just in and out!)

????Nutrition plan included that takes the guesswork out of it and makes sure all that hard work SHOWS!

I’m STOKED to feel set for the summer!!!  HellOOOoOo rock solid plan!! ???? ????


Wanna try a workout on me??  Drop an emoji! ???? ???? ????