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30-Day DFY Shakeology Posting Plan

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About this product

It’s your FINAL CALL. 

Call To Action Time! ???? ????

Get specific with the values that your ideal customer is looking for to ensure it "hooks" them in and grabs their attention!

This post is designed around incentivizing engagement by mailing out a sample of Shakeology.  You can tweak this to fit whatever incentive or Call to Action you’d like, but getting Shakeology into people’s hands (and mouths) is huuuuge!!  You can mail a single-serving packet to a limited number of people. This will push them to jump QUICK and SHOW their interest!

(Even if you get more DM’s than samples, now you have just built a list of interested people you can contact for future promos!! Win-win.)

* * A great picture here would be a personal one!**

See how it's done...


Don't Be Peanut Butter & Jealous. ????

This my ???? FINAL CALL ????

If you’ve been looking for something to help you reach your goals…

and you’re ready to up your nutrition game with something DIFFERENT…

AND you’ve been reading all my raves about Shakeology like ???????????? 

Then NOW is the time to try it for yourself! 

I’ve literally only got _____ samples to give out, so the first ____ people to DM me will get to try Shakeology!!  

Reeaaddyyyy…. SET GO!! ????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️ ❤️❤️

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