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30-Day DFY Quarantine Posting Plan

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Calling for action takes time and repeatedly putting your message out there until the right one HITS them. (It’s called priming!) Now that we’ve been working on addressing multiple limiting beliefs, you’re going to ask your ideal customers to SHOW their interest.

See how it's done, then take it away!


Sharing this stuff always makes me nervous but it’s ALWAYS worth it... ????

I started my fitness journey back in 2017… when my friends and family had already watched me jump from every quick-fix and fad diet for aaaages. (I just KNEW they thought it was temporary, and I’d slash all 4 tires eventually…) ????‍♀️

This time wasn’t the same, though. I started digging deeper and looking for something DIFFERENT… because OBVIOUSLY what I was doing (***the rollercoaster of extremes) WASN’T WORKING.

I needed something SUSTAINABLE.  Not a 30-day DEPRIVATION plan.. But something livable for this #foodiesoul!!! (Don’t take my wine, bruh!!) ????

(turning it into a side hustle that would keep me fit AND pay for family fun stuff wasn’t even the plan at first!! I was just passionate to share what I’d found with others and help them find the freedom I had!!) ????????

If you’ve been waiting for a huge neon sign to flash in the sky pointing the way OUT of that ugly cycle of ups and downs… WE NEED TO TALK!  Drop an emoji so we can see if this is for you! ♥️

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