DFY Posting Plans

30-Day DFY MM100 Posting Plan

30 Lessons Easy

About this course

Post a photo of yourself. Tell a story with a message.

The goal is to connect, build trust and likeability, and share a relatable struggle that elicits emotion… Morning Meltdown-style!!!

(Example: During the summer, my ideal customer struggles to balance her time when her kids are home from school.  Things are crazy, it’s hot, frozen treats are hard to avoid, yet she also wants to feel more confident in shorts and a swimsuit.)

Make sure to drop your post in the comments. 

See how it's done...


FACT: School’s out so the kids are home!! ????‍????‍????‍????

FICTION: I won’t have time to keep up my fitness regimen…! ????

FACT: It’s BBQ and ice cream season. ???? ????

FICTION: It’s impossible to stay on a healthy track AND enjoy summer fun with my family. ????️‍♀️ ???? ⛱

For those of us that struggle with body image and value fitness and nutrition, but also want fun with the fam… summer can be a unique challenge.

Once we’ve acknowledged the facts though, we can take control of the doubts and find a solution.  We deserve to be kinder to ourselves, show ourselves some love, and throw out the excuses! What do you need to do to find balance and love yourself more this summer?

Drop a ❤️ in the comments if you’re on the same page!!

Ashley Shaw