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30-Day DFY Instagram Engagement Plan

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Pick a quote/a letterboard message that resonates with your ideal customers and will make them laugh. I would recommend doing something about food and an ingredient you have around the house to make your insta stories easy. Add in your hashtags.

Your Insta Stories REDIC Formula:Relate: The Quick/On The Go Breakfast I Make Most OftenEducate/Motivate: Why I Love Avocados (the health benefits)Dialogue: How Do You Like To Eat Your Avocados? (Add the QUESTION box so they can respond)Interact: Poll - Who else LOVES guacamole?Capture: This is my fav guac recipe! DM me to get a copy!

See how it's done...**********************************

Anyone else feel me on this??  ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

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(**Check out my instastories for my FAV guac recipe!!)