DFY Posting Plans

30-Day DFY Find Your Team Posting Plan

31 Lessons

About this course

  • 30 Find Your Team Posting Templates  which can be left as they are or put your own spin on them.
  • These posts are  professionally written by a copy-writer  to peak curiosity, attract your people &  s ave you 15 hours/month.
  • You’ll  n ever waste time  coming up with what to post   or mindlessly scrolling social for ideas.
  • Delivered in an  easy-to-navigate online portal  so you can   copy/tweak & paste in SECONDS!
  • This posting plan improves your  engagement by 80%  on average.
  • The “Find Your People” Posting Plan is the PERFECT SOLUTION for those that want to  a uthentically grow their business.
  • Enjoy  lifetime access  so once you purchase, you can use and repurpose these forevers!